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Princess Kate is a HOTTIE!!

I like everyone else around the world, watched the Royal Wedding and I have to say, it was lovely. Kate looked beautiful and her sister left me speechless. That was the sexiest wedding gear I have ever seen. Saw Harry giving her the eye!
My mum got all dressed up in her African watch it from our living room. She is funny.
Made me think about weddings and marriage. Marriage kind of freaks me out. I have no idea why. I think it's the whole becoming one that gets me. Oh yeah and the forever bit too but I definitely want a wedding. Buying that dress, would be the best shopping day ever. I haven't been to a wedding and I'm itching to go. I've got all these gorgeous Monsoon dresses to wear so come on guys put a ring on it!

Was feeling really low for a few days. I was feeling like I couldn't trust many people which was upsetting but I'm glad that I'm all better now. Positive! And ready to keep aiming for my amazing future!

MYSELF did B Supreme woman's dance show on Monday. It was really good. We put together a were wolf set to Howl by Florence and the Machine in two weeks but we rehearsed like crazy. But the best part was the costumes. The lace leotards with the ripped leggings. The white contacts that took me, Kloe and alot of the solution AGES to get in to my eyes but the effect was crazy. Then Kloe's mate Lauren did our wolf make up. I love a girl that can give me amazing cheekbones! The 2nd half of the show was the Bonnie and Clyde B-boy/girl battle. Rosa was amazing, I would of loved to have seen her battle Roxy. Roxy is this small girl who has crazy power and was doing moves that I couldn't even process. Honestly she is from another planet. I am a big fan!

After doing Collabo straight to B Supreme, I have really neglected my writing. I've been working on a short story for a competition but opportunities are coming up and I need to take action so I'm not dancing for a month! Lets re-phrase that, I'm not dancing for a month apart from the NEW MYSELF open class starting on May 9th cause I have to support that and I think zero dancing will drive me crazy. My friends Dad is a journalist so hopefully I can get some insight from him because I'm intrigued by journalism now! I got some books to finish so it feels good to be on track.

I brought my first ever desk yesterday. Writing on my bed with my cats leg draped over me, really isn't working anymore so I went to Wood Green and brought one from Argos. I didn't realise how heavy it was. I dropped it as soon as I picked it up and huffed and puffed to the bus stop. I was drenched with sweat when I finally sat down on the bus. Then it took me ages to figure out how to assemble it. I left out some pieces though but it's balancing so it's all good!

I'm going to watch Breakin' Convention on Monday. Sooo excited to see Boy Blue's piece especially. I'm ready for my mind to be blown!


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