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'I thought Django Unchained was a concert...'

I exercised literally from 11am-8pm, finishing off with Leanne's killer Zumba session. I didn't even know they did sit ups in Zumba let alone 150 of them. I limped unattractively to the bus stop.

The problem with me is I get bored very easily. I don't know why that is but after a while I just tune out and when I'm bored, I usually do something very silly that I regret later. Sooo my plan is to fill my days with something, ANYTHING! So that my brain is constantly focused on something. I think that's why I have that weird fear of marriage. I just think forever is a long time and what if I get bored of being married? Guys think that girls dream of their wedding day to the T. I don't. I've never thought about a dress, colour scheme. In fact I'm the girl who has nightmares that I get proposed to and I don't say anything. My other nightmare is that it's my dress rehearsal for the wedding and I run away and no-one can find me and everyone is pissed at me.

These past 2 weeks, a lot of my friends have been talking about their ex-boyfriends. I can't stand anyone being okay with my exes that's my friend. I just think leave it out! The worst thing (it makes me cringe) is when your friends beg it with your ex for various reasons, maybe they admire him for x,y,z or they want a favour but it really annoys me. Like for instance, a friend of mine responded to an ex with Thank you! :) XXX <3 - Isn't that a bit much? I saw that and thought are you okay? I'm never okay with friends exes, I've been known to even shout at them the odd time. Is it too much to ask for people to ignore mine? NO it's not!!

Went to dinner with the MYSELF girls where we spent the majority of the night cussing each others exes. It was hilarious. One of the girls thought her bf was gay but didn't care because he got her over hot! loool we started a twitter war - Tanya tweeted at me that no-one exes were as bad as mine. Oh dear - then everyone started asking me why did you even go with him? You know when people are cussing something and everything there saying is true it's just best not to respond, so I didn't. Tan claimed hers was the best looking...until we saw a picture!

I've started saying loool instead of just laughing. How weird is that?

I watched a girl online, Giovanni Plaistow, I think her name was supposedly take out a tampon and eat it. What a pathetic fame whore. The lengths people go to for people to know their name. This Kardashian generation is getting crazy! When did talent become unnecessary?

Naomi has left me for 3 MONTHS to help orpahns in Uganda. She was gone for 6 weeks in Hong Kong and by the 4th week I was like 'where is she?!!'

My group MYSELF had a competition at this show called Show & Prove and came 2nd!! I was so happy for them. It was a set without Kloe and it finally showed those idiot people who say can they perform without Kloe what we can do. What do they think would happen? They would stand on stage and play dumb? That performance definitely shut a few people up and it's about bloody time. I couldn't go to the show because we were celebrating my brother's 30th bday. We went to see Django Unchained. I fought hard for Les Mis and failed miserably. I thought the film was about a cowboy not slavery! But it was a sick film and extremely funny. That evening I spoke to Aleta about the film and she said 'Oh it's a film, I thought Django Unchained was a concert.' When I finally stopped laughing, I asked, 'Haven't you seen the posters everywhere?' She replied, 'Nah, I just saw all the tweets saying Django is sick and I thought that must be some good music.'

Jonzi D -Breakin Convention mastermind told us at our BC Audition that Kloe is lucky to have us as dancers. Jazmyn looked at me and smiled as I've been saying that for years! He also said 'Myself have a unique style that no-one is doing right now and it's very special.' Best praise ever.

Sent out all books to PR contacts, so fingers crossed I get amazing responses. Helen read my book and said she couldn't put it down! Result! Spoke to Mr Giles Greenfield, who said it was great my book was getting positive responses. I'm still deciding who will do the 2nd Emily book but it will most likely definitely be him or another illustrator I've been speaking too.

Here's a link for a competition to win a free copy of Emily Knight below, closes on Valentines Day


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