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The Rain Room

               Everyone completely flopped me with the NYE party. I was told 'Come to this one, it's gonna be live.' New Years Eve comes round 'Oh it's cancelled.' 'I'm sick.' All I wanted was a Project X style party to go crazy on the roof. Is that really too much to ask? Wished that Rosa was about cause she can smell a party but she's preggerz in Wales so that wouldn't be very appropriate. Decided to go to my mate's party on my road, so I figured let me go home, eat, change then go. Was on the bus and there was this couple not really kissing but their lips were just connected when they got on the bus. They had to come on sideways to keep their lips together. It was super weird. I dunno if it was a dare but for the whole journey their lips were touching but they weren't kissing. The girl looked embarrassed, which is a bit silly because she could just move her head and voila their lips wouldn't touch anymore. She tried to hide her face in her hood but he slapped her hood away which was kinda funny. And every time she wanted to be speak she had to do it out of the side of her mouth. Awkward. They got off the bus with lips locked, walking sideways. Anyway I got home, ate whilst watching EastEnders and half of Project X, then I fell asleep. How Rock 'n' Roll.

I got a car!!!!!! Now, I love it but it took a while to get there. No one tells you driving a  car by yourself is the scariest thing in the world and Londoners love to beep their damn horns. I've had so many episodes - the worst was being stuck in traffic for 20 min, finally got out of it, took a wrong turning and ended up back on the road I was just on. I was so pissed off. So I figured instead of going all the way around, I'll just do a U turn like most people were doing. The other side of the road was clear so I had to take my chance. When I went to go in reverse, the car stalled. Then it stalled again and again by now this road that was empty was now building up traffic because of me, blocking the road. Everyone is beeping and looking at me. I'm stressing out so I just turn off the engine and sit there. These two men walked past and asked if I was ok and I cried, 'No! I don't know how to work this car!' I finally calmed down enough to reverse the damn thing and drove off. If I could of left the car in the street and took the bus home I really would off. And this happened after I went to that hell, otherwise known as Westfields car park. Almost crashed into another car and crashed into a pole because I was in first gear instead of reverse.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Kardashians. I find them ridiculously hilarious but Kim and Kanye having a baby. Oh dear, I hope the baby looks like Kim. The fact that she's still married and having another man's baby - it's a bit much. At least she'll get a definite endorsement from the birth - the exercise video.

I have a new crush to replace Taylor Lautner. Hugh Jackman. He was on Graham Norton. Funny, sexy and talented. Yep Hugh is the man!

I went to this exhibition at The Barbican with my sister called The Rain Room. It is amazing. It's like the ceiling has sensors so when you step into the rain, whether you step, the rain stops. We waited 2 1/2 hours for it and you can stay in the room for as long as you want but really how much rain can someone take?  For some strange reason I got pretty wet and she didn't

Got my first sales report for Emily Knight I AM. It's looking good! But I want more!!!!! Excited about Emily Knight 2.

Finally went to the Burger King machine in Leicester Square. OMG they have the massive drink machines unlimited for £1.45! and all the different flavours of Coke, Sprite, Fantas, Dr Pepper. I tried every thing. Sprite Strawberry and Fanta Cherry mmmm


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I know my weekly posts aren't exactly going to plan but I think you guys should allow me. I am doing better than once a month right?

The Author School Day was incredible! It's such a weird process because Helen and I are always stressed out and then the day runs smoothly. The speakers were fantastic! The authors were chatty and asked loads of questions. I finally got to meet Katherine Webber author of Wing Jones. She gave me such a great quote for my Emily book and is so sweet in person. We saw each other and was like 'Selfie!'  Honestly, I just love The Author School and now we are planning our London Book Fair one and tickets are already on sale. Now we are doing a different ticketing scheme from tickets selling from £50 all the way to £70, so if you book quick you can get some really cheap tickets but if you leave it to the last minute, you will grab an expensive one. So chuffed that Lit agent Clare Wallace will be back to do a full class and do one-to-ones!! Book

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So this is my second to last post of the year. I know guys, sad times but I think my 2018 posts are going to be even better than this year. God willing great and hilarious things continue to happen that I can share with you all.

I had my mini's do a dance performance to O Holy Night for Christmas and I had one of the best ideas I've had all year! I wanted Shiloh, who is about 10 months, to be dressed as an angel and to be sitting in the middle, while the little ones dance around her. See her mum got my vision but some people (Anneliese) didn't and guess what? It worked perfectly! My mini's were super cute and then you had Shi sitting on this little white seat swinging her fat little legs with wings on. Result…

2017 - WE MADE IT!!

Well we made it to another year! Thank God! The amount of natural disasters, terror attacks, we really need to be thankful that we made it.
This has been an awesome year. I truly feel like 2017 set the foundations for my life. Existing things were brought up to another level and for 2018, it's just going to flourish. I have the best feeling about next year. I can't explain it but I know it's going to be one to remember (in a good way)
It's so funny because at the beginning of the year I said I wanted to be single and I have dated more guys this year than I ever have! A lot of frogs (no surprise) but I did meet a special American who has set the bar moving forward. I couldn't even go back to these waste boys even if I tried. So for 2018, ladies don't drop your crown especially for no frog.

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 - My favourite authors following or commenting on my posts on social media. Jodi Picoult, CL Taylor, Jennifer Niven, Malorie Blackman. …