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2016 was the year that changed everything

I mean, what can I say? 2016 was the year that changed everything. Dreams literally came true for me and I feel so thankful. Don't get me wrong, I've had relationships that have ended, people I love passed away or got ill, but something positive has come out of every situation. I would encourage everyone to start a blog and really look back at what they have achieved. The growth this year has been fantastic! And 2017 - I'm ready to make it bigger and better.

Here are my highlights of the year

 - Beyonce Formation Tour
 - Leanne's Take Control book launch party
 - Watching Simbi a.ka. Little Simz performing at O2 Islington. Very proud!
 - The Author School running two sold out events, booking fab speakers
 - Launching an online course
 - Emily Knight X Artists. Working with Zetman92 has been amazing! See his newest artwork below and via my website
 - Almost 14K likes on my book fan page
 - Three book deal
 - Launching The little BIG Book Comp
 - Finished writing my third book
 - Roberta - my third pop up blog
 - New car
 - New contracts
 - Working with Alexandra Artigas on new cover art
 - Organising Keep It Moving at Southbank
 - Road trip to Birmingham to see Brandy
 - Meghan Trainor liking my choreo to 'NO' on Instagram
 - Some of the best performances from the young people I teach
 - Taking a selfie with Ben flipping Affleck
 - Pokemon Go - catching eight Pikachu's
 - Birthday month - Absurd Bird, Blue's Kitchen, In The Heights, party
 - Bournemouth Beach
 - Notting Hill Carnival with my sister
 - Booked for Stoke Newington Literary Festival 2017l!!
 - October 13th 2016 - Launch of Hashtag Press and Finalists for The Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2016
 - Fright Night
 - Getting free tickets to watch the best fireworks
 - Literally PR Christmas Party
 - Feature in Love Sunday Magazine and Virgin StartUp
 - Walking through Narnia to the Backyard Cinema
- Dinner at the Ivy
 - Seeing Kevin Hart live

We've lost some amazing artists this year. R.I.P Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Harper Lee, Prince, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, Muhammad Ali and George Michael.

Go into 2017 with new ideas and bigger dreams. Make a list of all the things you want to achieve next year and get it done. I'm excited to keep pushing forward my businesses, but also to release my second book Emily Knight I AM AWAKENED and to collaborate with more artists to bring my warrior world to life. I've learnt that life is what YOU make it and if you want it, go and get it.
Happy New Year! See you in 2017! XX


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The Author School Day was incredible! It's such a weird process because Helen and I are always stressed out and then the day runs smoothly. The speakers were fantastic! The authors were chatty and asked loads of questions. I finally got to meet Katherine Webber author of Wing Jones. She gave me such a great quote for my Emily book and is so sweet in person. We saw each other and was like 'Selfie!'  Honestly, I just love The Author School and now we are planning our London Book Fair one and tickets are already on sale. Now we are doing a different ticketing scheme from tickets selling from £50 all the way to £70, so if you book quick you can get some really cheap tickets but if you leave it to the last minute, you will grab an expensive one. So chuffed that Lit agent Clare Wallace will be back to do a full class and do one-to-ones!! Book

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So this is my second to last post of the year. I know guys, sad times but I think my 2018 posts are going to be even better than this year. God willing great and hilarious things continue to happen that I can share with you all.

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2017 - WE MADE IT!!

Well we made it to another year! Thank God! The amount of natural disasters, terror attacks, we really need to be thankful that we made it.
This has been an awesome year. I truly feel like 2017 set the foundations for my life. Existing things were brought up to another level and for 2018, it's just going to flourish. I have the best feeling about next year. I can't explain it but I know it's going to be one to remember (in a good way)
It's so funny because at the beginning of the year I said I wanted to be single and I have dated more guys this year than I ever have! A lot of frogs (no surprise) but I did meet a special American who has set the bar moving forward. I couldn't even go back to these waste boys even if I tried. So for 2018, ladies don't drop your crown especially for no frog.

Here's my highlights of this year

 - My favourite authors following or commenting on my posts on social media. Jodi Picoult, CL Taylor, Jennifer Niven, Malorie Blackman. …