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And I'm thinking, I haven't got time to talk, there's a Pikachu!!

I can't believe that it's Christmas Eve already! This year has flown by and this is my second to last post of the year.

This term has been extremely busy and to be honest, I am amazed that I got through it all without getting ill or having a breakdown! It's made me think carefully about next year and what I really want to continue and what I don't. I don't want to feel that stressed and rushed off my feet again - well, at least if I can help it. You can't reach Beyonce level, without a little sweat.

All of my classes did their Christmas show and did amazing at that. To be honest, I was surprised because if you saw them in class, you wouldn't know which way the coin would land. Our Christmas Guest service at church was fantastic! There were so many dance pieces including one with my lovely mini's and with the dad's and lads, who performed Men In Black. They all knocked it out of the park and I honestly couldn't be prouder. I think the dad's and lads video has been viewed almost 2,000 times already. The fact none of the mini's cried, or ran off the stage, alone is an achievement. I was a bit worried about them because they were falling asleep before the dance started. I had to grab Milani, the youngest one at two, and literally walk up and down the stairs, jump around with her  while saying, 'Wake up!' and feed her sweets to make sure she stayed awake!

Then the lovely parents gave me gorgeous presents for Xmas, and I really wasn't expecting anything. The only downside is because now I'm around these mini's all the time, every parent is telling me that I'm going to have loads of kids! I keep trying to tell them that I'm with them for an hour, but they don't care loool
Here are my crew dancing at the guest service

Keep It Moving was a success and we had over 1000 people in attendance at The Southbank Centre. I don't know how Leanne organised that show year after year, between sorting out the dancers, choreographing and making sure the show ran well - I was exhausted. The next day, I felt like I had done a marathon.

Rob and Chyna on social media. No words.

I had a dream that Emily Knight was made into a movie. AMEN. And I saw Idris Elba in it as Thomas Knight. I woke up thinking that is the best idea. Then I was watching The Graham Norton show and Naomie Harris was on it and I had a flash off my movie and saw her as Emily's mum, Leah. See now I'm putting it out there in the universe cause that needs to come true! It would be the most diverse British cast in...well ever!

So happy that my third story (my dance story) is FINALLY with the editor! Should get it back in the next few weeks.

The Author School is having a Xmas Sale! You lucky things! And we have launched new monthly evening events called Getting Ahead of The Publishing Game 2017. I swear 2017 is going to be amazing for The Author School.
Hashtag Press is going well. We have everything set up and I can't wait to start releasing books next year. We also have services available for authors, mainly for self-published authors. I can't stand when self-published books look self-published, there's no reason why they can't have the same standard as traditional books. Usually it's down to simply not knowing and not having the contacts. Now you can have access to the contacts! See what we can do for you
The little BIG Book Comp has had the most entries this time round and it's so exciting to see young people writing and pushing themselves. I have lots of reading over the holiday.

Helen invited me to her Literally PR Christmas Party and I just thought it will be a nice lunch with her team. No. It was bloody epic! I literally drank from 1.30pm till 9pm. I don't think I have ever drank that much in my life, but I was a lightweight compared to the other ladies! We ate so much food, we were overly loud, but I had the best time! And then, I had this notification on my phone about Pokemon Go, so I clicked it and there was a Pikachu near by! I literally put on my coat and everyone was like, "Where are you going?" "Is everything okay?" And I'm thinking, I haven't got time to talk, there's a Pikachu!! So me, with my drunken self walks around Waterloo and then I found it!! Cherry on top of the cake. None of the ladies were impressed, but when I told the kids then understood why I had to leave in the middle of drinking.

Then, I was at the hairdressers and I was telling Afosina about the Pikachu, and she asked to see it and there was ANOTHER ONE!! I didn't even grab my coat loool I just ran out with half my hair curled and caught it. I feel like I'm a magnet cause I have four now!! And they are wearing Christmas hats. Brilliant!!

On that note, wishing you all an amazing Christmas!! Will be posting my last post of the year on New Years Eve. I'm cooking Xmas dinner tomorrow. This is the third time I'm doing it and I hate it as much as the first time


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