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Jon Snow's bum is everything great in the world

Check me out with my weekly post :)

Let me not get cocky before I go back to blogging monthly

So I get Emily Knight I am...Awakened NEXT WEEK!!! I cannot wait to hold it. I can't lie I'm a bit nervous to give it to reviewers. I feel like the first book got so many good reviews and it was such a blessing, so I hope they don't read book 2 and think what is this??

Men. I don't get them. I swear at 29 I still don't understand them. I still don't know who are the ones you should invest your time in, who are playing games. I legit get a headache when I think about them. The experiences that I have had, my friends have had could fill a billion page novel. I do wonder what was God thinking with this man/woman thing. I get pregnancy and all that but man, they are so exhausting. Even as I write this, I have a headache and I'm tired. Then I was talking to my friend about relationships and to be fair, my mindset can be quite masculine, so we were talking about a situation and she just snapped and said, “Are you even a chick though? No girl thinks like this!” Goodness lol

My parents celebrated 35 years of marriage! My cuties. True marriage goals.

I went flat hunting the other day. Well studio flat hunting. I don't know why I was looking at studio flats. Someone I used to be close with, used to say that the studio flats were so cool, so I think that's why it was in my head. I basically was shown a space that was smaller than my room and for the great price of a grand a month.
I came in and said, “Oh, is this it?”
The estate agent attempted to tell me that this was one of the biggest studio flats he had. I looked at him like you're really proud of this?
I sarcastically asked, “Do they take pets?”
The estate agent (very seriously). “No, the landlord is very strict on that. Absolutely no pets.”
I looked at him like he was mad (which he is) and said, “Of course he is! My cat would probably kill himself. I'd get depression living in this box.”
As you can tell, I didn't put an offer in.

Teyanna Taylor. My new obsession.

I went into my work account and there was an email from someone from Twitter. So I opened it up and there were all these pics of this man, you know selfies and stuff and then it went downstairs, if you get my drift and I was like 'oh my gosh!' Then I thought - maybe one of the girls know him? And it was for them! Lol but I don't think it was. The girls were completely in shock and Leanne even said, “We have to call the police!” I couldn't stop laughing.

I didn't know why there were so many programmes about Princess Diana, so I asked my mum and she kinda gave me this weird look and said, “Were you alive when Princess Diana was?”
I said, “Mum! If she died in 1997 and I was born in 1988...”
Mum then goes. “Yeah I know but I just don't remember you being alive when she was.”
What is she talking about?

Did you watch the VMA's? Oh Lord, what was Lorde doing? Whoever authorised her to do that stupid dance, which she did not dance well should be fired. Absolutely loved Pink's speech about beauty!

Was meant to go Carnival but I fell asleep and by the time I woke it was pointless so I went for a walk in the park with Ebru and went to McDonalds drive in. Living the dream!

This whole KKK thing is the oddest thing ever. You have one life and chose to use it for hate. Like you were literally born to be hateful to people! How sad is that? I was watching the news cause they were interviewing one of the KKK leaders and he said, “Black people have a right to be black.” I mean no shit!

The Youth Take Over Show was AMAZING!!!!! Everyone that came loved it and the premiere of Speak Ur Truth went down so well. You have to go on @relentlessyouthldn Instagram to see clips of the dances and here is the link to part 1, Episode 1 of Speak Ur Truth - so funny

Game of Thrones Finale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my flipping word. I loved it! Finally Sansa! I was literally thinking someone kill her today. Jon Snow's bum is everything great in the world. I want to be Arya Stark. She is so savage.

Now planning the book launch party. I know what I want to do but I'm not going to lie, the idea of doing it is so exhausting to my soul. This also closes TOMORROW!! Make sure you enter!

Pray for Houston.

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