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You think I'm bougie because I drink soya milk?

am literally up to my eyeballs with The Author School. We are running our full day of classes on Saturday and you know when everything is calm and going to plan, then suddenly a few days beforehand, there is so much to do including my presentation! Our line up is truly epic. I'm so excited! Check out this interview we did for Virgin StartUp

We have published all the books for Hashtag Press this year!!!!!! I am so proud of me and Helen for doing them and they all have done so well. So excited to get a new batch of manuscripts and re-create the magic. Submit to us at if you have a book. Looking for great stories to publish mid/end of next year.

Finally Zarah got to redeem her J Cole birthday present from February. I'm not the biggest J Cole fan, I was even thinking about selling my ticket. I only have one album of his which is live but I know the words to like 3 songs but thank God I didn't. The concert was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I even brought a t-shirt and I NEVER buy merch at concerts. He came out in an orange jail outfit and was just preaching the truth. He has this song called Neighbours (which I still need to get) and he said he moved to a white neighbourhood and someone called the police because they thought he was a drug dealer! Then he showed this footage of the police, in protective wear breaking down his door and when they saw his security cameras they turned them around. Disgusting.
You can see video footage from the concert on my Instagram @abiolabello

Stranger Things 2 came out. I watched it over a day and a half and it was the best thing ever.

I had the oddest dream about X Factor. I was a contestant but I didn't have a song, then they were saying I had to audition to some Chinese tourists. I didn't even question why and throughout the whole dream I'm stressing about a song like proper panicking as I scroll through my iPod. Then the realisation that I had to sing by myself made me have a full panic attack. I woke up in a sweat guys.

I heard the loudest scream from next door but it sounded like it was coming from the garden. Then I hear some girl say, 'He's here!' I run downstairs because I know it has something to do with Fergie who is looking really guilty. I find out he jumped over the girls head. I have no idea why.

Went to a 90's Hip Hop brunch the other day. It was so much fun. There was a 90's party but before that we had to do a Hip-Hop quiz and I was like girls we've got this. I grew up on this music. I know all this. Two rounds were trivia, one round was two songs mixed together and the other was a fire round, so 10 songs really quick, back to back. It was stressful. I felt like I was back in Music GCSE. We then had to swap our quiz sheets and first the guys on the table next to ours wanted to swap and I didn't trust them so I took a picture of our sheet incase they changed our answers. In the end the organisers took the sheets and gave them out. The group we were marking had the same answers on their trivia that we did and a few of the answers were wrong! I did start to lose confidence so when they announced the 2nd and 3rd place and they only had 13/30 I was thinking I know we did better than that! Then the announcer said most people only got 2-3 out of 30!! Anneliese was convinced we didn't win but I was like we must have got 20 something because we got the music listening part right. Then the announcer said that we had won with 26/30! We jumped around like lunatics. The guys accused us of cheating - you know how these haters are. We got free drinks which was really cool. I love 90's music so I was having the best time but there are always those girls. You know the ones. They are dancing pretty much on you, are drunk and are swinging their full cup of alcohol dangerously around your stuff or they are dancing on each other to get attention. When we saw these girls doing a full lap dance on each other, we bounced.

I have an intolerance to milk and can get really bad cramps if I have it, so I started drinking soya milk a few months back and it helps a lot. Anyway Mum went to the fridge and there is soya milk, almond milk, goats milk - basically every milk that's not from a cow. Mum picks up the soya milk.
Mum: Who's is this? (reads the label) Soya? What is this?
Me: It's mine
Mum: Why?
Me: I feel sick when I have normal milk
Mum: You're so bougie
Me: What? Because I get sick from normal milk? You think I'm bougie because I drink soya milk?!
Mum: Actually as a baby you didn't like normal milk
Me: So how am I bougie?
Mum ignoring me.
Me: Hello? Why am I bougie?
Mum: What are you talking about?
* rolls eyes*

The Hate U Give followed me on Twitter. Malorie Blackman liked my tweet. Was on cloud nine.

I love looking at Halloween costumes on Instagram. The way American's go in with the costumes, where as over here, we're a bit blah. Went to Sarah's Walking Dead house warming party and I had every intention to dress up but I have never seen the Walking Dead, but I was going to dress up. So I asked Ebru what she was dressing up as and she said, “Nothing. Why, are you dressing up?”
Me: Yeah I have a really good costume
Ebru: What is it?
Me: Cruella De Vil
Ebru laughs. 
Me: Why are you laughing? I thought it was a costume party!
Ebru still laughing.
So I didn't wear my epic costume and I'm glad I didn't because I think I was going in way too much. I got home in the morning and watched three episodes of Stranger Things 2. Great night.

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This is my fav pic on Insta with my Wesley and Jason battle cards :)

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