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We really wanted to laugh but didn't want to bring too much Hackney and Peckham vibes

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

I seriously can't believe we are here already. I remember last Christmas like it happened a few months ago. I have already changed my food mentality. Had pizza for breakfast and cake for lunch and I worked out all week for the privilege.

So this is my second to last post of the year. I know guys, sad times but I think my 2018 posts are going to be even better than this year. God willing great and hilarious things continue to happen that I can share with you all.

I had my mini's do a dance performance to O Holy Night for Christmas and I had one of the best ideas I've had all year! I wanted Shiloh, who is about 10 months, to be dressed as an angel and to be sitting in the middle, while the little ones dance around her. See her mum got my vision but some people (Anneliese) didn't and guess what? It worked perfectly! My mini's were super cute and then you had Shi sitting on this little white seat swinging her fat little legs with wings on. Result!

There's been a few changes this month. I am officially agent free. It wasn't working out with me and my current agent and it got to the point where I could either accept it for what it was or see if I can get someone else. Any author will tell you that having a literary agent is very important and those who have followed this blog from the beginning will defo understand. So to let go of mine wasn't an easy choice but I do think it was the right thing. I have written a new book - YA and it's about 4 friends joining the dance world. I submitted to an agent and what I thought was a publisher but actually was another agent who both really like it. Yay! They both gave me the same feedback which was to work more on the voice. I usually write in third person but in this book I've written in first so I'm getting the book re-edited to work on that and hopefully by March it will be all done. The amazing thing is both agents asked to see it again when it is re-written. So happy that they can see the potential in it because I found it hard to write! Wasn't sure for ages if I even liked the story but now I love it. Can't stay in my Emily Knight bubble forever ;)

Speaking of Emily Knight, I got this really great review from the States from Pop The Butterfly. Was having a frustrating week so to read this made me smile loads. I love that she said, 'If you haven’t checked out this series for you or your children then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? Go check it out now and see why I love this series!'

And I got a double page spread in The War Cry. My mate Renee interviewed me and she did such an awesome job with it.

I usually don't think the media are right about a lot of things but when it comes to the Kardashians they do seem to be on point. I mean they said for ages Bruce was transitioning and I remember thinking they've gone too far! How can they say that? And know. So Khloe is pregnant! I like Khloe so really happy for her. This then obviously proves that Kylie is pregnant. Isn't she 20? Rich or not, that's a lot for a young girl. I wish her luck!

Thank God the snow didn't last long. Fergie of course was determined to go out and at one point he got locked out by accident and something told me to look outside the window. I see him literally covered in snow!

Helen and I had our Christmas do the other day at Ping Pong. We ate and drank so much. One of the drinks came in a camera! It was so cool. I am so proud of us I could burst. I was watching The Apprentice and they said 9/10 businesses fail in their first year and I screamed, “We haven't!”

Hashtag Press is officially part of the Independent Publishers Guild. That means we are verified and legit people!!

Re-watching Game of Thrones. There are so many little things I missed out on when watching it the first time. Like when Daenery's is with Khal Drogo (before she falls in love with him) and she's crying while they're having sex and she's looking at her dragon eggs. The dragons actually hiss and then she smiles. Never noticed that before. Oh and Theon! I felt so bad when he was being abused by Ramsey but now I've been reminded what an arsehole he was before he got captured, I will be cheering Ramsey on!

How do The Simpsons predict everything correctly? It's getting really weird how accurate they are about everything.

Two days ago was my last day with The Movement Factory as General Manager. It's been such a ride and the amount I have learnt about business and managing so many people has been life changing. The instructors all wrote such gorgeous messages in my card. Leanne took me to The Shard! I almost had a panic attack because it was on the 32nd floor and I get funny with heights but it was actually okay. The food was amazing! And the view - it's defo worth going to see! Our starter was so tiny and we really wanted to laugh but didn't want to bring too much Hackney and Peckham vibes. So I just devoured it in one bite.

Celebrated Jamilah and Sam's engagement party. I have never been to an engagement party or a wedding - can you imagine? Was really good catching up with everyone, especially Hermione. My last memory of her was on our trip to Falaraki. We both seemed to recall different things about the holiday lol. The engagement party was in Stevenage so we're driving on the way back to London about 2 am times, Ebru says to me, “So what you going to do when you get in?”
Me confused. “I'm going to sleep.”
Ebru: “Well who knows with you, you're always working. I thought you were going to do editing!”

Merry Christmas all!! My last post of the year will be live on 31st December x

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