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... but my knees really hurt. What kind of old age issue is this?!

Exciting news! In a few weeks I will be starting up a new blog on my website ( but this will be occupied on specific topics, mainly questions I get asked a lot like how to run a business, how do I juggle everything, career change like my Cosmo interview—yes I was in Cosmo!
Hopefully the blogs will help people on their journeys to inspire or just to get a kick up the ass which we all need once in a while!

I'm back in dance! No where near the life I was living before. I want to have the choice of filming myself for the Beats book and I figured if I give myself a year of training I will kind of, maybe where I was. I've made myself accountable to two people who I know will ask me what classes I've done so no excuses. So Monday came along and I was planning what classes to do for the week and Aleta tells me she's teaching back to back and I should do it. I'm not gonna lie, I did think wtf? TWO HOURS! Then I remembered I used to dance for four hours back to back so if I can't do two then I really have fallen. The first routine was to Diva, Beyonce Homecoming album which is actually one of my fav songs so I really loved that one. I was done after that class. I was drenched, my head was full of counts so when we went into the second routine, a Chris Brown song, my head was still on Beyonce. It took me about 30 minutes to finally get it together! I took my tired ass to the changing room and I literally just sat there not moving. This girl asked me if I was okay.  I tried to explain how tired I was but no words came out. Me and Aleta went for a Jamaican patty afterwards and chilled out outside. I was surprised that the next day my body felt okay but my knees really hurt. What kind of old age issue is this?!
Real talk, I am so proud of myself for just going for it. I'm going to try and do two classes weekly but now I'm seeing this heat wave and I'm like err...

Speaking of Beyonce I am obsessed with her Spirit video. How gorgeous?  If you haven't seen it you should and the song is beautiful as well. I just love how she celebrates her blackness from her videos to The Lion King: The Gift album. I LOVE that The Lion King is majority a black cast. It's about Africa so let's represent better. I can't wait to see The Lion King in a few days. I'm not sure what people can complain about—it's pretty much the exact same film! I do think it will be weird hearing Nala sounding Texan but I can overlook that.

We launched our, I want to say 16th book under Hashtag Press on Thursday. There is no better feeling than seeing  a book in print for the first time especially one with such a pretty cover.

Michael is out of the villa! Thank God. His bizarre self needed to be kicked out.

My birthday is soon and I don't feel excited. 31 is such a random age and to be fair, going to Wakanda last year was always going to be a comedown this year. I'm just hoping that the weather doesn't play up. The fact I have to wonder about the weather in August shows me that I am not living in the right country!

This Takeover show that I'm organising for the 25th August is actually stressing me out. There is so much material to do and it's literally August next week. I'm trying not to stress out but I am stressing out. Deep breaths are not making me any calmer. Plus, I have a week to finish my last edits for Emily Knight book 3 to get it to the editor and I don't even know how I'm going to have time to do it.

I miss Game of Thrones. I started re-watching it but then I remembered how annoying the season was when it ended so I can't be bothered to deal with the disappointment again.

Fingers crossed we meet some talented authors for Hashtag BLAK!

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