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...but my hair was in such a state that I couldn't do it to myself.

Next week we will be in 2020. How crazy is that? I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Mine was good. I got stuck doing the cooking again! But there was no arguing so a success! It's always so strange that gap between Christmas and New Years because I feel like there's all this stuff I want to do before the year is up and yet just chilling out has been the best. This break has been so overdue and I am really loving just moving at this glacier speed. I told myself I would have finished my new book by the end of the year...yeah I love how ambitious I am! I haven't worked on it since I've had my break.

I just clocked this morning that my third book is out in just over 9 months. Why that gives me anxiety I have no idea! I am debating whether to have a book launch party. I just don't know if I can be asked to organise it. Next year is already looking full on. Grrrr I just need another me really.

I was thinking about my highlights for the year and one of them was defo a secondary school in Luxembourg which picked my Emily Knight book as their book of the month for their Year 7's! Love!!!!

YOU is back. I literally was thinking about re-watching season 1 and the next day Aleta told me season 2 drops on Boxing Day. I have stayed away from social media to avoid anyone ruining it. I also started Greenleaf and re-watching Game of Thrones. Now knowing how it ends, they really do tell you throughout the series what's going to happen! Speaking of thrones I saw Nathalie Emmanuel who plays Missandei in the hairdressers! I was looking at her and thinking she looks so familiar so I said are you an actress and when she said yes, I was like OMG YOU WERE ON GOT!!!! I had to work so hard to keep my fan girl vibes down cause I knew Annie would cuss me and it was so hard! I really wanted a pic but my hair was in such a state that I couldn't do it to myself. I told Annie and Afosina off. They should have told me she was booked in!

And just to top off my 2019, Missy FREAKING Elliot liked my video! I went to Aleta's class and it was to a Missy track. Daniella asked someone to film it so I was in the video. I posted it and Missy liked it. My 2019 is complete!

Not long now till 2020. This decade has been life changing and I pray that the next 10 years is as amazing as this one has been. I have one more blag dropping on NY Eve x

Have a read of the fun piece I did for Female First Magazine for Gen Alpha Z. Cheers Literally PR for sorting

Oh and I changed the iPhone to a Samsung. Sorry guys I'm too loyal :)

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