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I do look back and think how did I do all this dancing?? No wonder I was so skinny.

It is so freakin' cold! My feet are literally frozen even when I'm in my house. As soon as the heating goes off, I feel like they're ice blocks. Well guys we're almost at the end of the year. The end of a decade. I swear if I told myself back in 2010 that this is what would happen to my life I legit would have said, “Are you on crack?” But look at God! And I can't wait for next year. My third book is coming out and I just can't wait to hold it. I was doing some more edits on it yesterday and I am determined to get through it before the year is up.

In preparation for book 3 I was thinking about the original Emily book and I decided it's time to let that go. I adore my first cover by Giles but the second edition is the one I need to focus on, plus I was still using the ebook from the original. I'm so grateful for that book cause that literally started everything but it just makes more sense for it to be under Hashtag. An ebook for book 1 will be available in a few weeks.

Can you believe The Author School is five next year?? I remember crying in Leanne's house just feeling so shit and wanting to do more! She asked me what was holding me back and so dramatically I cried, “MONEY!” That's when she told me to apply to Virgin StartUp and well you know the rest. We're planning on so much stuff to celebrate. One of them is The Diverse Book Awards but we also have panel talks, events and of course a party (any excuse for me to dance and for Helen to drink wine). Watch this space

I moved from Samsung to iPhone and I feel so guilty lol! I literally have been with Samsung since the LG Chocolate phone. Remember that? But I'm looking at this iPhone like it's a stranger in my house.

Why is it so hard to find employees? I swear we've gone through a few this year and I just don't understand why it's so hard to find people that actually work. So we're back to square one again - just me and Helen. Thank God we have Luisa running Hashtag BLAK. At least we got one right!

How funny that my year started off with production companies and the year is ending with production companies. God is good!

I did it! I performed on Stratford Circus at the Myself Decade show and I didn't flop. I actually enjoyed the rehearsals and getting to know the new girls as well as seeing my old ladies. It felt like I'd never left and when it came to tech I was so excited but a few days before I wasn't. Some of the choreo got changed and positions and I was like err what? We ran it through infront of everyone and my spacing was just a hot mess. So the next lesson I was like can we confirm spacing and once that was down I was good. I swear me and Aleta shouldn't be allowed to sit next to each other. We just laugh way too much! The new girls are way more nice than we ever was. No wonder Kloe was always stressed around us lol. It was a really good show! My highlight was defo doing Janelle Monae with 22 year old me dancing. I do look back and think how did I do all this dancing?? No wonder I was so skinny. Adding it in to my timetable was really tough and I don't think I was on time once to a rehearsal but it was a good outlet. Leanne said she got teary eyed watching me perform which was so cute. It was defo some nostalgic vibes. People kept asking me if I was coming back to the crew and I was like err I don't think my body can even deal.

In the middle of work and rehearsals I was planning a surprise 30th party for Jamilah! I have no idea why I decided to do a Pink Party in November. I think I was just thinking about the Instagram pics rather than the fact that no-one can get pink stuff in winter. I even refunded about 10 dresses from Misguided cause they were all crap. The one I ended up wearing was Topshop that I liked but didn't love. A girl can't be picky! Thankfully everyone stuck to the theme and no-one told her!!!! And the cake. OMG! You know when you have a vision for a cake and then you see it and taste it and it's even better than what you thought. Yeah that.

I went to the Quick Ting On book launch party and when I tell you it was the best book party I've been too. From time I saw the long line of black people I was like okay! There was West Indian food,  hip-hop music playing like it was such a vibe. I said to Luisa, “Why can't publishing events be like this?” It felt like I was in a club talking about books which is basically all of me!

So I started a new business. Now before you roll your eyes and cuss me this was needed! See I was looking at book comps to enter my authors books into and realised very quickly that there is only ONE book awards just for diverse books. So I'm like this is stupid, we need more and da-dum! The Diverse Book Awards 2020 opens in January
The love we got as soon as we tweeted was insane! And that goes to show how needed it is.

Gen Alpha Z is here! And it's gorgeous and I'm so so proud of these young authors. Grab a copy!

If you really want to laugh use the hashtag #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade I have been crying with laughter. I actually forgot about Kanye's interview with Sway “You ain't got the answer Sway" which is just iconic.

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