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Do white girls with no bum hurt themselves when they sit down?

So there we are banging out routines. My heads crazy confused because being in Birmingham has messed up my daily routine. We're all sweating like we're in a sauna and we sit down to have a break and the floor is wet. We lean against the wall and the wall is wet. Confused, we look up and see that the whole studio is wet with our sweat!! And to top it off, sweat was dripping slowly down the wall on to our choreographers laptop. We go out to our complain to the owner who's actually one of my mates and she says 'Oh yeah, there's a damp wall in there.' Whoever said dance was glamorous was seriously not at THAT rehearsal. Up in Brum with Naomi. Found a gorgeous coat in Oasis for 40 quid from wait for it............... £130!!! And me and Naomi still had the cheek to negotiate on it for 20 min. We ate at this really cool place called 'Around the World in 80 dishes.' The chef kept asking me if I liked it hot and spicy. Took me ages to work out that he wasn'