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Say heeeeeeeey Mrs Carter

Beyonce. Tuesday Night. Flawless. The Mrs Carter World Tour was amaze balls! The amount of energy that lady has is incredible. There is something about Beyonce that makes you feel empowered to be a female. I honestly believe part of her calling is to make women be proud to be women. The joke is I don't even know what she does that makes females feel like that, maybe it's just her inner confidence. And when Jay Z came to join her on stage for 'Drunk In Love' it was extremely cute. It didn't even matter that Aleta and I tried to jump seats twice and got kicked out of them or that I tried to get other seats by complaining to customer service that I was afraid of heights (they didn't care) because when she started singing...Wow. She is probably the only singer in the world, who sings better live than on a record. Hearing her on a CD doesn't do her voice any justice. The amount of people that fainted and were being escorted out. To faint for another human....the