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And I shout back in the most uncool way, “You're so gorgeous!”

Thanks to those who read my last blog about diversity in publishing. I know it was a more 'serious' tone than my usual blogs but it's a conversation that needs way more action and me and Helen had to get that of our chests. Now....I am 30 on Monday! I literally can't deal. I won't be in my 20's anymore. I am excited about my Wakanda themed birthday party on Saturday, although I have no idea what I'm doing for my actual birthday on Monday but even planning this party has got me exhausted. My skirt that was made for me was too poofy and then the designer was trying to argue with me that it was fine! Err what? Got it amended and then had to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a strapless bra because the bigger the boobs, the more expensive a bra is, which really sucks. A great present would be money and lots of it! I know alot of people hated their 20's but I LOVED my 20's. I admit it started off pretty shit. I was in a bad relationship for years

It's 2018 and I am officially done with this diversity issue

This blog is a bit different than my usual stuff and it's an issue that really gets under my skin. Don't worry my usually funny blog will be posted by Tuesday but just need to share this. If you're in the book world, you'll know there is a massive issue with diversity. Well this is mine and Helen's (my fab business partner's response to it). If you agree with what we're saying, let us know. There needs to be some serious changes and we are determined to make it happen. My response CLPE reported that last year only 4% of children's books had a Black or Asian character and only 1% was a lead. I honestly read that and felt my heart break. Why are we having so many conversations talking about change and then this is the report we see, based on books just from last year?

England were not ready for that level of sass.

In less than a month I will be 30 years old. Oh gosh.  On the plus side I am having a Wakanda themed bash so that should be fun. My only worry is my outfit is being made for me and have been working out more so I'm just hoping the fit is still okay. I am trying to be more positive about turning 30. I think I ain't done too bad in life and it can only get better right? Still waiting for my McMansion but hopefully that comes as soon as 7am strikes on the 6th August. Hey if you don't ask, you don't get! Loving this beautiful weather! I'm sitting in my garden writing this blog and thinking why have I not done that before? I ordered some garden furniture of eBay and then an extra chair from Ikea. Then eBay tells me that the seller that I brought the garden furniture from may or may not be legit. What?! But the latest delivery is 10th July so I have to wait to see if it comes. So now I'm sitting outside with my 1 Ikea chair minus the table and umbrella. I just can&