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Olympics, Bengal and other rants

The Olympics is over and I can honestly say that I had no faith that London could pull it off. I'm being serious, I thought it would be an epic fail and the weather would be wet and the transport would be a mess. All the posters about 'Can you work from home?' really annoyed me. Come on, if I could work from home wouldn't I be working from home? BUT Team GB did us proud. Still can't believe this was hosted in Stratford!! At least it doesn't look as mash up. I really liked that Jessica Ennis's face was on the grass so it was the first thing people saw when they landed 'Welcome to our turf #HomeAdvantage.' I liked the subliminal threat. The opening ceremony was the best History lesson EVER. Saw a few of my friends dancing which was great to see and it made everyone appreciate how multi-cultural London is. Screw you BNP! Then when the flags came out, I had to stop and pause. Excuse me Puerto Rico had some hotties! I was definitely flying that flag. Fi