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I am a city girl through and through (cue Yung Miami and JT rapping)

I write this blog and I am sweating. I am sweating everywhere. It's I think 32 degrees outside and I can't find any form of breeze. Even my fan feels like it's blowing out hot air and I am not ok! Now don't get annoyed with me but I'm going to change the way I do this blog. I'm going to blog weekly instead of monthly. Honestly, too much happens in one month so then to cram all into one blog is just so long. I'm going to stick to my weekly goal. If I don't do it, don't be too surprised. The most exciting thing in my life happened to me. I SAW THE SPICE GIRLS AT WEMBLEY!!!!!! God knows how bad I've wanted to see them since I was a kid so to go with my sister and sing our hearts out was the best thing ever.  I was surprised on how modern the concert felt. The dancing, the lighting was so on point. Victoria really should have just sent a video saying high. It truly was better than Beyonce, Drake, everyone! Best night of my life. Then Geri apol