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Isn't the power of influence crazy?

Summer is finally here!! Literally, it's only just come now lool and it is amazing. I think there was a Tuesday that was 31 degrees. The worst thing is teaching dance in the weather, cause I legit have nothing to wear. I also had a taster session on Tuesday for this new teaching job and this kid comes up to me and says, “Are you the dance teacher?” I said, “Yes,” and then he goes, “Well I bet I'm a better football player and dancer than you.” You know when it's just too hot and no-one has time for silly people? So I just stared at him for ages until he got so uncomfortable. In my head I was thinking, is he okay? He kind of backed away from me, I'm not sure why and I called him over. He grabbed the nearest boy to come over to me with him – like I was going to swing for him or something looool and then I told him what a rude little fool he was. I think because I said it in one tone, it freaked him out. Then he ran away. I told one of the teachers who said, “Good! I can