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' I'm on my Worst Behaviour'

One word. Drake. He is amazing!! I wasn't expecting him to be amazing but he was bloody amazing!! Wasn't really looking forward to him but OMG he can shut it down. His energy on stage, from beginning to end and I swear he sang every song he has ever done.  It felt like the best party you would ever go to. I don't even fancy Drake but when he brought a girl on stage from the audience, I felt very possessive of him. Chelsea looked like she was going to explode. It was so hilarious.  I actually don't know what I would do if I was called on to the stage. I don't get embarrassed easily but for Drake..... Jhene Aiko came out and she sang very well, was a shame Rihanna didn't come out. Wanted my 3 for 1 ticket. Our seats were amaze balls. Chelsea did good. There were 3 boys a few rows in front of us. They looked so young maybe 17 ish and they were drinking like crazy. This song comes on, maybe it was Big Sean and there's a lot of the N word. One of the boys start