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2013 = Where To Start?

So another year has gone and it's healthy to reflect on the great stuff that has happened, so we don't get caught in this 'I didn't get etc' attitude, so here are my highlights of the year.  - Getting Beyonce, JT and Drake tickets for 2014  - Being a part of my first ever charity as an Author, the 'Think Christmas, Think Books' Campaign  - Starting a creative arts school for young people, Co-Star ARTS  - Filming my first ever dance video  - Getting the best press for Emily Knight, interviews and awesome reviews  - Almost reaching 10,000 likes on Emily FB Page, I think I'm 400 likes away  - Getting in trouble with security for being too close to Buckingham Palace  - Signed to Raimondi and Campbell Literary Agency. Dream!  - Going to my first ever festival, Wireless and seeing Jay-Z, Iggy Azalea, Miguel, Kendrick Lamar, Calvin Harris and getting through the whole day only spending a tenner.  - London B

'I woke up like this!'

There’s a saying ‘Give honour, where honour is due’, so I want to give honour to Nelson Mandela. A true hero and light in our world. What he achieved in his life was so beautiful, if I could make a quarter of the difference he made whilst alive, I would be so honoured. I love how the world is celebrating his life - just full of bright colours, dancing and songs. Beautiful. It's funny, I have heard so much racism amongst black people, which is embarrassing for everyone. This black West Indian man was cussing Africans. He is obviously an idiot as he is cussing himself. It just shows the ignorance of people and their own culture. So sad. R.I.P to Paul Walker. I'm not the biggest Fast and Furious fan but he is one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen. I have a major publishing company, like MAJOR reading Emily right now. The story to how this happened is so amazing but I will share and reveal publishers once I know what’s going on. Let's all pray for life changing decis

I don't like to call kids stupid, but they were stupid kids

It's been a busy time so apologies for lack of blog but...I'M BACK!!! Wow, where should I start? Okay so the interview for Colourful Radio was very fun. They were so enthusiastic and welcoming. Was frightened I was going to miss it because I got a taxi there as I know I get lost going up the road but did the taxi driver not get lost! I can't be late for live radio for goodness sake. But praise JC cause we made it on time and the interview was fab. Co-Star Arts first term is going amazing, so much better than I thought it would go but we have some real talent and more people coming every week. We even made a profit which is a shocker and I have more dance work in general. It's funny every class I teach, the head of the company always wants me to make them a performance group loool. I guess I just need to accept that I am good at training kids rather than fight it. Luckily for me, most groups are amazing but one class it literally took them 15 minutes to get into

We call it Bear Day!

I have officially christened the 6th August as Bear Day because it's my birthday! I'm officially 25 now and I feel extremely grown up, even had a talk with my friend about mortgages the other day THAT'S how grown I am. I've been trying to get into more schools on the book days, you know - Roald Dahl Day, Children's Book Week, World Book Day etc but I don't understand schools. You would think they would be gagging for writers to come to their school. I mean when I was at school, the only writer I met was Michael Rosen, who is fab but I never met any other author and I would of loved that. J. K. Rowling is never gonna come to the schools so be happy any writer does! Anyway after time spent sending out emails getting responses like yeah, this sounds good blah blah I'm now going to stop forcing the school thing. I have a website, twitter, fb even an instagram now so if people want me they can holla. And someone did. A radio station called Colourful Radio wan

Mr Jigga man

I went to Wireless Festival!!!! This was my first ever festival so I was so excited. I even goggled festival attire so I could look the part. I ended up wearing shorts (not the booty ones, I don't think the shorts would survive) an Aztec top, converse. Tried to find feathers but I think Fergie ate them so wore a flower instead. When I arrived at Aleta's, why was she wearing the same outfit? I have never seen so many butt cheeks hanging out, not even on a beach. My goodness. Some girls were even wearing heels to a festival! I had so much fun though. Got given free drinks from Malibu and extra nachos from the guy serving because of my winning smile. I think Saturday was the hottest day of the year, I dunno what we were thinking going from 11am. Black people are crazy. No seriously, I was ashamed. They were pushing people out of the way, grown, fat men. When Jay Z came on, they started barging through as if being at the front Jay Z was going to spot them, guess they had rap

My meeting with an agent

Those of you who have been following this blog from the beginning will know that I've been trying for years to get an agent. Well I have the best news...I HAVE A LITERARY AGENT!!!!!!!! Omg I was in so much shock when they responded and it wasn't the rejection letter I was used too. You're probably wondering how did this happen right? Remember when I went to The London Book Fair? My PR told me to go through the exhibition directory and message all the literary agents for a meeting. Whilst I was doing that, most of them had links to their sites so I figured why not submit for the thousandth time, you never know. The directory is super long so I got bored doing it and Helen (PR) kept emailing 'Have you finished it?' All I can say is thank Jesus that she did that because that's when I submitted to Raimondi and Campbell. I got a response to read the whole of the novel. Now I've been at this position before and it usually ends there, so I sent the book in. Th

You know the twins that dance on Beyoncé's tour?

It's been a challenging month. I've been allowing people's opinions to get the better of me and letting their doubt become my doubt. I started having thoughts like 'what if I'm just wasting my life' and feeling unsure of myself but you know what? I allowed myself to have a pity party for myself and now I'm back in the game! No-one is going to make me question my future and what I should be doing. Yeah, I didn't finish uni, so what? I had my reasons for it and I'm STILL doing exactly what I planned to do. Don't get me wrong I'm not against uni but I am against someone trying to tell me that I will never make something of myself because I don't have a degree because from where I am standing, I am starting to make something off myself WITHOUT a degree. I got an official letter sent to my house. I was a bit nervous to open it because it's usually bad news but it was a copyright certificate from USA, Library of Congress for my book! Woo

...showing off her 100 pack stomach!

First of all apologies that I haven't blogged in a while, disgraceful I know. It won't happen again. Any hoo I have loads to tell ya! I went to the London Book Fair at Earls Court on Wednesday. It was very interesting. Technically everyone you need to help you with your career was in that one building but getting to talk to them was another problem altogether. Had a meeting with this great company who turn books into the best apps so I've sent them Emily and I hope we can work together. I really did try to network with the publishers but some people are just not that nice (I only made it as far as the receptionists) But I could tell they were thinking 'who is this little girl.' But funnily enough I met an old uni mate who works for a big publishing house! She took my details without me even asking. Felt nice to be on the other side. She asked me why I left uni early and that I was really good on that course - news to me! Was great to finally meet Helen, genius of

Hip-Hop does NOT make me angry!!!

This has been a good 2013 so far for my book!!! I got my first royalty cheque, which was very exciting. Had no clue that because it's in dollars had to fill out this long form at the bank to cash it in. On the plus side, the guy at the bank who helped me is a big fantasy fan so he's gonna go buy my book. Result! I had an interview with Female First magazine  which was very fun. I got some very good reviews 4 and 5 Stars! Get in there! So hopefully that will encourage more people to buy! buy! buy! AND the reviewers have been running a give away of the book AND I got more Twitter followers. My mission to get a 1000 likes minimum every month is working, reached 6000 likes this month so by March should get to 7000 at least. So around June, I should be on 10,000 likes minimum. Some of my friends think that 6000 is a lot of likes - not when there are billions of people in the world! But one of the best news is I f

'I thought Django Unchained was a concert...'

I exercised literally from 11am-8pm, finishing off with Leanne's killer Zumba session. I didn't even know they did sit ups in Zumba let alone 150 of them. I limped unattractively to the bus stop. The problem with me is I get bored very easily. I don't know why that is but after a while I just tune out and when I'm bored, I usually do something very silly that I regret later. Sooo my plan is to fill my days with something, ANYTHING! So that my brain is constantly focused on something. I think that's why I have that weird fear of marriage. I just think forever is a long time and what if I get bored of being married? Guys think that girls dream of their wedding day to the T. I don't. I've never thought about a dress, colour scheme. In fact I'm the girl who has nightmares that I get proposed to and I don't say anything. My other nightmare is that it's my dress rehearsal for the wedding and I run away and no-one can find me and everyone is pissed at

The Rain Room

               Everyone completely flopped me with the NYE party. I was told 'Come to this one, it's gonna be live.' New Years Eve comes round 'Oh it's cancelled.' 'I'm sick.' All I wanted was a Project X style party to go crazy on the roof. Is that really too much to ask? Wished that Rosa was about cause she can smell a party but she's preggerz in Wales so that wouldn't be very appropriate. Decided to go to my mate's party on my road, so I figured let me go home, eat, change then go. Was on the bus and there was this couple not really kissing but their lips were just connected when they got on the bus. They had to come on sideways to keep their lips together. It was super weird. I dunno if it was a dare but for the whole journey their lips were touching but they weren't kissing. The girl looked embarrassed, which is a bit silly because she could just move her head and voila their lips wouldn't touch anymore. She tried to hide her