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All the kids hated me he he

I am 27 years old! I actually can't believe it. It feels so weird for some reason like I actually feel like I'm an adult now. I kind of feel like I need to have a baby and get married! That's how old I feel now lool. I think I want to spend this year just really working on me and my career. The way I see it is, I'll be thirty in a few years (oh Lord help me) and who knows how long I have to focus on me and really go for it? Everything is really falling into place now and I just want to keep pushing. For my birthday I went in! I really didn't know what to do and then I ended up doing everything. I went to Jimmy's World Kitchen, which is a buffet with food from around the world. Zarah and I ate so much food that by the time we got to our third plate, even looking at the food was making me sick. Then we went to the Harry Potter Studios, which was amazing!! I got to push the door that leads to the Great Hall. All the kids hated me hehe and try Butterbeer which tas