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You're not Vogue, You're a Children's Mag!!! ATTENTION:Preview of my fantasy book!! Aaah

OK so I've been sending off emails to any magazine that sounds interesting to do work experience or freelance work that I found in my Writers Handbook. It's the only thing you'll ever need in your writing life. It has contacts for all agents, promoters, magazines, newspapers, courses and tells you about festivals and prizes. It's the best book basically for me right now. Anyway I contacted one girls magazine more aimed at 7-12 year olds asking for work experience. I wrote a little paragraph and sent my cover letter to them. The next evening when I got home from rehearsal (bare in mind at this point I'm tired and kinda irritated from dance) I decide to check my email. I had a response from the magazine (I won't bait there name cause they may help me in the future) and all it said was Hi Abiola, When you ask for work experience is really important to check your grammar. Love (name of the magazine) xxx It was one of those moments where I had to blink alot and rea


Going into overdrive to get an agent. I've finished my kids picture book and I'm currently writing a young adults book. Figured it's best not to limit myself and be open to write as many different things as I can, just to see where my strength lies. It's funny to think that all I need is someone to sign me and then BAM I can get published. Come on agents!!!! Holla at me. They say JK Rowling is the worlds RICHEST writer. She's almost worth $1 billion. I admit she has set the bar high but honestly, nothings better than a challenge. I've seen some amazing talent for my mates in the last two weeks. Ebru performing at Yoyo's and mashed up the stage. Then I hear her on Kiss FM with her song 'Prisoner.' I screamed and Fergie ran out the room. Then Kloe and Jared's solo piece's at Breakout which were amazing. For some reason my address on my ticket said Hackney, London, Afghanistan. Clearly I won't be receiving any mail from that theatre. It&#