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I spent an hour explaining to my mum about Gangsta Rap

My book is out in on Thursday!! Can you believe it? The book tour has officially begun so I've been seeing the book pop up all over the place and the review copies have gone out. I'm anxiously waiting that I get good reviews. I can't lie, my book looks AMAZING! Like seriously gorgeous and so thick (who knew I could write that many words?) And the cover doesn't look dark! Went to Waterstones to double check the space for the launch and believe the man who was my contact there had left and Waterstones are looking at me like are you sure you're at this branch? Took forever for them to figure it out cause they thought maybe I was launching at Piccadilly! Thankfully all was in hand and it's going to be a great night. Nervous for Thursday though. It's so cool seeing the gamer box from SpearCraft Book Box. I've been getting loads of Instagram tags of people getting the battle cards and really liking it. It is so weird hearing people sound so excited ov

I was like calm down, he wasn't checking for you!

I have done it. I have officially written a short story! Let me take you back. I was asked by Sarah Odedina to write a short story for her magazine. Now Sarah edited Harry Potter (remember I said all roads lead to Harry?) so it was a big deal to be asked. The problem was guys, I legit couldn't write a short story! I re-wrote it FOUR TIMES because it kept sounding like an opening to a novel. Ahhh I was getting so frustrated so I asked an amazing lady called Eden, who writes shorts stories to have a look and FINALLY it's done. Okay, not done done but it's a short story. I can breathe. The joke is I run a short story comp for kids and teens. Ironic right? My books come on Friday :) I got sent a proof of my cover and sometimes when covers are printed it can look darker and my cover looks darker than it does in the below pic. I was looking at it for time like is this too dark? Can you see anything? Just getting real dramatic. Then I thought let me get it lightened but then th