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2016 was the year that changed everything

I mean, what can I say? 2016 was the year that changed everything. Dreams literally came true for me and I feel so thankful. Don't get me wrong, I've had relationships that have ended, people I love passed away or got ill, but something positive has come out of every situation. I would encourage everyone to start a blog and really look back at what they have achieved. The growth this year has been fantastic! And 2017 - I'm ready to make it bigger and better. Here are my highlights of the year  - Beyonce Formation Tour  - Leanne's Take Control book launch party  - Watching Simbi a.ka. Little Simz performing at O2 Islington. Very proud!  - The Author School running two sold out events, booking fab speakers  - Launching an online course  - Emily Knight X Artists. Working with Zetman92 has been amazing! See his newest artwork below and via my website  - Almost 14K likes on my book fan page  - Three book deal  - Launching The little BIG Book Comp

And I'm thinking, I haven't got time to talk, there's a Pikachu!!

I can't believe that it's Christmas Eve already! This year has flown by and this is my second to last post of the year. This term has been extremely busy and to be honest, I am amazed that I got through it all without getting ill or having a breakdown! It's made me think carefully about next year and what I really want to continue and what I don't. I don't want to feel that stressed and rushed off my feet again - well, at least if I can help it. You can't reach Beyonce level, without a little sweat. All of my classes did their Christmas show and did amazing at that. To be honest, I was surprised because if you saw them in class, you wouldn't know which way the coin would land. Our Christmas Guest service at church was fantastic! There were so many dance pieces including one with my lovely mini's and with the dad's and lads, who performed Men In Black. They all knocked it out of the park and I honestly couldn't be prouder. I think the dad'

"Did you know what the mannequin challenge was before you did it?"

October 13th will be a day that goes down in history. Hashtag Press launched at the same time we found out that we were FINALISTS for The Great British Entrepreneur Awards because of The Author School. I literally felt like I was dreaming! To launch something that has been one of my dreams for years and then to get shortlisted for an award, I had no idea that we even had a shot at was such an incredible feeling. The awards was yesterday and in the end Helen and I didn't go cause the tickets were too expensive, even with the discounts and we needed the money to book our room for March. I was stalking Twitter like a crazy person and unfortunately we didn't win the Micro business category. I am really not a good loser lool and I was so annoyed! I spent 3 hours the night before updating our website as well. I have no idea what you even win–bragging rights? At least we can always say we were finalists, that's still a massive achievement. On a positive note, my cover art for

For us by us

We did it! Another Author School Day accomplished! This one was actually a one year anniversary from our first class. You would think it would be easier, but it isn't, there was so much to do, but it was fantastic. We are so blessed that we book the best speakers who are lovely and welcoming and Helen and I had some well deserved Vapiano's afterwards. Where did Autumn go? Honestly, I was wearing a bomber jacket, which was going to be my transition coat and I was freezing my arse off. I was so confused because just last week it was really warm. So I had to dig out my winter coat and then I realised it's bloody October. I legit can't keep up with the days. Then I had this cold and an annoying tickle cough, you know the ones that give you a coughing fit and a sore throat. I tried everything and then I found that Vix on the chest, back and feet and Pholcodine from Boots would do the trick. I swear down, after two days, I was cured. The entries for The little BIG Book Co

Guess who I saw walking down Covent Garden?? Only Ben flipping Affleck!

Birthday month is coming to an end *crying* although I still have one last present on Monday. Yay! I had the best birthday and it was full of so many surprises. I saw Finding Dory, which gave me sad and happy tears. One minute I was busting up and the next I'm breaking down and crying,'Where's her family???' I got free drinks at Byron, free cake at Brew Box, then dinner at Absurd Bird. It's the best food I've ever had in London. The next day, I had a party and got a surprise cake and gifts and it was just so overwhelming.  Had lunch at Blue's Kitchen, went Bournemouth Beach (and caught loads of Pokemon OMG). We played volleyball and we were pretty awful. Like really awful but it was a gorgeous day, got a crazy tan and put my big toe in the water. I've had a blast of a birthday and have been surrounded by the best people. Roberta has officially ended. This is my third pop up story and I'm so proud that I wrote it. It's funny because I wa

Isn't the power of influence crazy?

Summer is finally here!! Literally, it's only just come now lool and it is amazing. I think there was a Tuesday that was 31 degrees. The worst thing is teaching dance in the weather, cause I legit have nothing to wear. I also had a taster session on Tuesday for this new teaching job and this kid comes up to me and says, “Are you the dance teacher?” I said, “Yes,” and then he goes, “Well I bet I'm a better football player and dancer than you.” You know when it's just too hot and no-one has time for silly people? So I just stared at him for ages until he got so uncomfortable. In my head I was thinking, is he okay? He kind of backed away from me, I'm not sure why and I called him over. He grabbed the nearest boy to come over to me with him – like I was going to swing for him or something looool and then I told him what a rude little fool he was. I think because I said it in one tone, it freaked him out. Then he ran away. I told one of the teachers who said, “Good! I can

...the man had to do the walk of shame and he looked so normal. Only in Hackney.

I've finished writing my third book!!! I am so excited, I just need to get it edited and proofread and then I can give it to Val. I am so on just getting these books out once a year. I feel like something pops up when my books are due to come out. They're never bad but then they don't create the result I want,  I'm the one who ends up being frustrated so no more road blocks!! My goal is to do more books than Jacqueline Wilson, so I've got a long way to go. Congratulations to Ellie and Macy Lewis for their story The Magic Horse for The little BIG Book Competition. These girls are 5 and 7 years old! And their story is so good. Read it at and we are running another competition that ends 29th August. Theme is Superpowers and the first entry is FREE!! All the winners stories are going to be published and get a goody bag, so if you are aged 5-21, get involved! Send your free story to Went to see Into The Hoods Remix an

It finally happened!!!!!!!!!

On April 11th, Helen and I ran The Author School Day - The London Book Fair Special and it was fantastic!! The venue, the speakers, the authors. I had the best time and I am so proud of us for pulling it together. I wish we could do it every month - it literally is that fun. We have had the best feedback and we were live tweeting from 11am all the way to 6pm. Twitter was going off and I'm sure we inspired authors out there who couldn't make it. I think we have defo proved that we are the real deal! We are going to be doing our next one in London in September so make sure you're there. You won't regret it, I promise! Our next challenge is to get this online course up and running and hopefully run an Author School Day in another city. I was trying to think of ways to get some new art work for Emily Knight, just for promotion and I thought, how cool it would be if if I could do a collaboration with artists. So I hollered at two illustrators. One I have worked wit

It's like they thought Beyonce turned black today

Hey all! Hope everyone is having a good 2016 so far. I am literally at the last stages of my book. I am doing a final read through, changing little things here and there. I find it really hard to edit on a computer, I have to print things off to see the mistakes better. After this stage, I will get a proof read and the book journey will roll on. I did want to sign the contracts this month, but I was waiting on two publishing contracts, which unfortunately weren't the right fit in the end, so I am defo going to sign in March and I can't wait. I was hoping to have books published in June but guess what happened? J.K. Rowling happened lool. She is releasing the screenplay of the Harry Potter theatre production as a book in July! Now, Mama didn't raise no fool and I ain't taking that bullet, so I don't mind waiting lool. I'm thinking to release them in September instead, when the Harry Potter train slows down. SOOOOO BEYONCE! Can we take a second for the epicn

"You Ain't Got The Answer, Sway!"

Hey all! First blog of 2016. Holla!! Let's start of by saying it is a brand new year guys! We made it!!! So let this year be the best one EVER. I have met so many Scrooges already this year and I'm like don't kill my vibe. I am on going to the next level and it's fine if no-one else wants too, just don't rain on my parade because the parade is nice. Sooooo I have started a vlog! Yay! Basically my friends were like, you should start one. They're so popular and you do blogs so just do the same thing on video. I was a bit unsure because I associate vlogs with beauty, hair and fitness. I was thinking what can I talk about out but tbh I'll talk about whatever! I mean, that's what I do here and I get hits, so I guess people like my random crap. My first one is about self & traditionally published books. Of course Fergie had to get involved and tried to kick me on camera lool. Have a look and subscribe and like on link below. I filmed on my mac because