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2013 = Where To Start?

So another year has gone and it's healthy to reflect on the great stuff that has happened, so we don't get caught in this 'I didn't get etc' attitude, so here are my highlights of the year.  - Getting Beyonce, JT and Drake tickets for 2014  - Being a part of my first ever charity as an Author, the 'Think Christmas, Think Books' Campaign  - Starting a creative arts school for young people, Co-Star ARTS  - Filming my first ever dance video  - Getting the best press for Emily Knight, interviews and awesome reviews  - Almost reaching 10,000 likes on Emily FB Page, I think I'm 400 likes away  - Getting in trouble with security for being too close to Buckingham Palace  - Signed to Raimondi and Campbell Literary Agency. Dream!  - Going to my first ever festival, Wireless and seeing Jay-Z, Iggy Azalea, Miguel, Kendrick Lamar, Calvin Harris and getting through the whole day only spending a tenner.  - London B

'I woke up like this!'

There’s a saying ‘Give honour, where honour is due’, so I want to give honour to Nelson Mandela. A true hero and light in our world. What he achieved in his life was so beautiful, if I could make a quarter of the difference he made whilst alive, I would be so honoured. I love how the world is celebrating his life - just full of bright colours, dancing and songs. Beautiful. It's funny, I have heard so much racism amongst black people, which is embarrassing for everyone. This black West Indian man was cussing Africans. He is obviously an idiot as he is cussing himself. It just shows the ignorance of people and their own culture. So sad. R.I.P to Paul Walker. I'm not the biggest Fast and Furious fan but he is one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen. I have a major publishing company, like MAJOR reading Emily right now. The story to how this happened is so amazing but I will share and reveal publishers once I know what’s going on. Let's all pray for life changing decis