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Mr Jigga man

I went to Wireless Festival!!!! This was my first ever festival so I was so excited. I even goggled festival attire so I could look the part. I ended up wearing shorts (not the booty ones, I don't think the shorts would survive) an Aztec top, converse. Tried to find feathers but I think Fergie ate them so wore a flower instead. When I arrived at Aleta's, why was she wearing the same outfit? I have never seen so many butt cheeks hanging out, not even on a beach. My goodness. Some girls were even wearing heels to a festival! I had so much fun though. Got given free drinks from Malibu and extra nachos from the guy serving because of my winning smile. I think Saturday was the hottest day of the year, I dunno what we were thinking going from 11am. Black people are crazy. No seriously, I was ashamed. They were pushing people out of the way, grown, fat men. When Jay Z came on, they started barging through as if being at the front Jay Z was going to spot them, guess they had rap