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It's like they thought Beyonce turned black today

Hey all! Hope everyone is having a good 2016 so far. I am literally at the last stages of my book. I am doing a final read through, changing little things here and there. I find it really hard to edit on a computer, I have to print things off to see the mistakes better. After this stage, I will get a proof read and the book journey will roll on. I did want to sign the contracts this month, but I was waiting on two publishing contracts, which unfortunately weren't the right fit in the end, so I am defo going to sign in March and I can't wait. I was hoping to have books published in June but guess what happened? J.K. Rowling happened lool. She is releasing the screenplay of the Harry Potter theatre production as a book in July! Now, Mama didn't raise no fool and I ain't taking that bullet, so I don't mind waiting lool. I'm thinking to release them in September instead, when the Harry Potter train slows down. SOOOOO BEYONCE! Can we take a second for the epicn