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It finally happened!!!!!!!!!

On April 11th, Helen and I ran The Author School Day - The London Book Fair Special and it was fantastic!! The venue, the speakers, the authors. I had the best time and I am so proud of us for pulling it together. I wish we could do it every month - it literally is that fun. We have had the best feedback and we were live tweeting from 11am all the way to 6pm. Twitter was going off and I'm sure we inspired authors out there who couldn't make it. I think we have defo proved that we are the real deal! We are going to be doing our next one in London in September so make sure you're there. You won't regret it, I promise! Our next challenge is to get this online course up and running and hopefully run an Author School Day in another city. I was trying to think of ways to get some new art work for Emily Knight, just for promotion and I thought, how cool it would be if if I could do a collaboration with artists. So I hollered at two illustrators. One I have worked wit