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2012 = A Legendary Year!!!

So today is the last day of the best year I have ever had. Honestly, I was told by my Pastor that this year would be like Days of Heaven on Earth and it really was. Just a few of my highlights  - Releasing my first ever book, Emily Knight I AM - Going to the Brit Writers Awards 2012 - All the amazing interviews I got to do for my book with BBC 1XTRA, Brit Writers etc and the recommended reads my book got as well as the free advertising! Cheers!  - Having a launch party  - Passing my driving test and getting a car for Christmas  - Being promoted at work  - Becoming a blogger for Brit Writers  - Going to the Olympics  - Booking Stratford Circus to host Myself's show Icon in March 2013  - Performing at Breakin' Convention for the 2nd time  - Filming Street Dance All Stars The Movie and filming BBC 1's The Apprentice Woo it has been a great year for me and for the people I care about and I am so ready to see 2013!!! My obsession with Taylor Lautner has slightly

Who knows what kind of hood rat I would of evolved into?

After all the stress of 2 cancellations the launch party was a SUCCESS! Woop Woop, praise God! It went so well, I honestly couldn't of asked for better. The Lil' Rascals and MYSELF were fab, all my books sold out (even the ones pre-paid for. Oops!) and the party was great. I can even ignore the dance battle that happened towards the end! Chloe Lillington won the Warrior Challenge Comp. She's only 9 and amazing. Thank God, for my parents, Naomi and Steph who helped so much in pulling it together. Steph's deco was so pretty, upgraded the party by miles. The only scary thing was the reading. The way I was trying to delay it because I was so nervous but it was very cool with the kids sitting down, all having their own copies of the book reading with me. I actually couldn't look at anyone until I finished, my throat was so dry, I thought I would have a coughing fit but everyone said it was good. Hopefully should get the pictures and some footage soon so ya'll can hav

life of a children's author

That should really be the new title because so much has been happening lately. My book has been advertised on lots of writing sites and is available globally. I know right!! I did my first school tour a couple of weeks ago on Roald Dahl Day at Globe Academy. See this is the thing about me, give me a room of hundreds of kids to teach dance too and it's a breeze, but a room with that many kids talking about my book. Oh dear. I got an email the night before the visit asking me to come, which was great but what the hell was I going to wear? My mum said NO CONVERSE. I barely own any other foot wear for goodness sake. I wanted to look smart but still me, so I ended up wearing a colourful printed dress, black blazer and brogues. I assumed it would be a class visit but I got there and they told me it was the school assembly. I almost died. Luckily it went well. The teachers were all dressed as characters of Roald Dahls - I liked the Oompa Loompa costumes best. I got to tell them about my b

Olympics, Bengal and other rants

The Olympics is over and I can honestly say that I had no faith that London could pull it off. I'm being serious, I thought it would be an epic fail and the weather would be wet and the transport would be a mess. All the posters about 'Can you work from home?' really annoyed me. Come on, if I could work from home wouldn't I be working from home? BUT Team GB did us proud. Still can't believe this was hosted in Stratford!! At least it doesn't look as mash up. I really liked that Jessica Ennis's face was on the grass so it was the first thing people saw when they landed 'Welcome to our turf #HomeAdvantage.' I liked the subliminal threat. The opening ceremony was the best History lesson EVER. Saw a few of my friends dancing which was great to see and it made everyone appreciate how multi-cultural London is. Screw you BNP! Then when the flags came out, I had to stop and pause. Excuse me Puerto Rico had some hotties! I was definitely flying that flag. Fi

'... u wrote a mutha f***ing book!'

Yes, I am officially a published author with a book that you can buy. To think only in November, I was walking the streets of Manhattan with Chelsea talking about just going for the book even if I had to do it myself and here we are. How insane is that? It doesn't even feel real yet, I think when the launch is over it will sink in much better. I don't know how else to express how I feel so I'll just do this - :D :D :D You can pre-order the book from Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, Foyles, Waterstones, WHSmith etc. It should be officially out by August. If you live in the UK and have liked or follow @emilyknightiam then ur invited to my launch! Check ur events or Direct Messages. Ahh can't wait, there's going to be a DJ and cupcakes...all that red velvet. (I'm grinning like a mad loon). I've also been asked to write a blog entry about my launch party for London Writer's Club! Oh yeah! After my stint on The Apprentice - still shoc

Emily Knight I AM...out June 2012

You'll be pleased to know I got through April without a breakdown, so I am of course a superhero. Thank you very much. So as u can see by the title, my debut book will be out next month!!!! This is so exciting but has been so difficult. I've actually turned into a business woman in this process but I've learnt so much. I can't wait to show u guys my book cover by the AMAZING Giles Greenford. If u don't know, he did Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire cover. That's how I roll! And his captured Emily perfectly, like seriously he just knew what I wanted and when I saw it I thought wow that's her. I should be getting a review from That Fantasy Blog soon so hope it's good. Need more reviews so if anyone wants a preview email and I'm starting up a school's list for my school tour, so get involved. I really want to go shopping! I haven't shopped for months on end and I'm going crazy. I was in Topshop ironically waiting for

It will prove what I've always secretly known...I'm a superhero

I was actually scared yesterday when I went to Studio 68 and was ambushed by an army of commercial dancers. You know the look right? Skinny jeans/leggings - the more patterned the better, a fitted vest top, funky high tops and a denim or checkered shirt hanging around the waist. I don't know when this 'look' came into effect but it's spreading like wild fire. Add on some oversized gold earrings and a bandana and you're Aaliyah from the 90's. I can honestly say I have never done a class where Hip Hop dancers were the minority. This class was Kimberly Taylor's from Dance 2XS. I have been planning to hit her class for like...2 years now. It's not because I'm lazy or anything. First I was a bit worried about how hard it would be but then one of my friends went to her classes, showed me videos and promised me I would love Kim's choreo. That was about a year ago. Since then, well I just got caught up with life really and recently I was talking to Aleta

To battle or not to battle...

Dance especially Street Dance has been very popular at the moment, what with Got To Dance and all the amazing crews that competed and the return of The Jump Off  but what I've been noticing lately is alot of ugly behaviour. You see dance is a form of expression, a type of release for most people and even on blogs there have been alot of debates about what makes a 'real' dancer and blah blah blah. I don't really understand what qualifies people to judge what makes a so called 'real' dancer or rated group or choreographer, I mean come on, we all do this because we love it right? Let's not ruin people's fun with ugly politics. Your 'fact' is an opinion and sometimes opinions should be kept to yourself especially if you know it's going to turn into an ugly debate. As long as you're doing the best you can and not doing it for status, respect etc who is anyone to tell you that you're not 'real'? I've heard people saying that if

Great Britain - Really? No seriously really?

I feel like having a right ol' rant today about London and how annoying it is at the moment. What happened to the days when guys would let you get on the bus first? (and not just because they're checking you out). Did I miss the message that said, when an empty bus pulls up, push everyone out of the way and if you have a buggy, use it as a weapon and attack everyone's feet! Or as you walk past people, don't leave them personal space just barge them with your arms or bag, which ever's best. Oh and if your kids are screaming down the bus at say 8.30 am, don't feel the need to attempt to quiet them down or at least look embarrassed. Better than sitting there and ignoring your 8 kids because you have perfected the art of tuning them out. I haven't! And this weather!!! I've been travelling from north to south all day and the buses are on a schedule beyond words. I got the strangest looks because I was grooving to my ipod in an attempt to stay warm. I really n