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'...apparently BARBIE DOLLS cause insecurity'

I am so close to a book deal that it's painful. Happy New Year my lovelies. I'm so excited to see what fab stuff happens this year. I actually got to a party on NYE - shocking. No Project X party but it was still a fun house party but driving home at 4am, with my eyes barely open ain't fun. I have been working in a theatre bar for the past 6 months. I don't like or dislike it but it pays so who cares. Anyway, first day of 2014, positive energy and the boss lady tries to ruin my new year. Cutting my hours, giving attitude and as I was attempting to talk to her and diffuse an argument, which she was aiming for, I just thought, who cares? Like I said, it's a job I don't like or dislike, I was always planning to leave in New Year and this lady is actually trying to piss me off on the first day of the year. So I walked out. It felt amazing! Do you remember the times when being skinny and lean was the 'look' and now it's all about big bums and boobs