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2016 was the year that changed everything

I mean, what can I say? 2016 was the year that changed everything. Dreams literally came true for me and I feel so thankful. Don't get me wrong, I've had relationships that have ended, people I love passed away or got ill, but something positive has come out of every situation. I would encourage everyone to start a blog and really look back at what they have achieved. The growth this year has been fantastic! And 2017 - I'm ready to make it bigger and better. Here are my highlights of the year  - Beyonce Formation Tour  - Leanne's Take Control book launch party  - Watching Simbi a.ka. Little Simz performing at O2 Islington. Very proud!  - The Author School running two sold out events, booking fab speakers  - Launching an online course  - Emily Knight X Artists. Working with Zetman92 has been amazing! See his newest artwork below and via my website  - Almost 14K likes on my book fan page  - Three book deal  - Launching The little BIG Book Comp

And I'm thinking, I haven't got time to talk, there's a Pikachu!!

I can't believe that it's Christmas Eve already! This year has flown by and this is my second to last post of the year. This term has been extremely busy and to be honest, I am amazed that I got through it all without getting ill or having a breakdown! It's made me think carefully about next year and what I really want to continue and what I don't. I don't want to feel that stressed and rushed off my feet again - well, at least if I can help it. You can't reach Beyonce level, without a little sweat. All of my classes did their Christmas show and did amazing at that. To be honest, I was surprised because if you saw them in class, you wouldn't know which way the coin would land. Our Christmas Guest service at church was fantastic! There were so many dance pieces including one with my lovely mini's and with the dad's and lads, who performed Men In Black. They all knocked it out of the park and I honestly couldn't be prouder. I think the dad'