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the bengal in the zebra weekender part 2

So it was that time again to take Fergie to the vets as there was a deal for £10 micro chipping for the month of June. Fergie gets in too many places so I thought yeah this is a great idea and booked the appointment. Now we all know how crazy it was last time with him biting the vet and just being an embarrassment so I didn't have high expectations for this one. His appointment was booked on Tuesday. I got home really late on Monday night so getting up early to take Fergs before work wasn't appealing. I kept him indoors and he spent THREE hours crying in my ear because I wouldn't let him out and then as I put him in the bag and zipped it, I saw his little nose push the zip down and he escaped! I tried again, he did the same thing then he ran downstairs. There are four floors in my house so running down them, half asleep, desperate and irritable is not funny. I grabbed him, took him upstairs and shockingly he sat patiently in the bag. I threw his fav green teddy in - the on