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I just really want Cersei to die. I want the dragons to light her ass up

It's my birthday next week! 29 years old. Seriously how did this happen? I think I blinked and it's my birthday again. One kid said to me, “I feel like you just turned 25.” I'll be on holiday so I can party away my sorrows. I'm only half-joking. I'm running a birthday giveaway on Instagram from the 1st August to win a signed copy of my second book and some battle cards. Speaking off holidays, Zarah and I went to book and we had fraud done! As we went to book our holiday, someone used the money to book themselves a holiday! The bloody cheek. We got the money back but they tried to book twice. The the original deal we found was gone. Typical. Emily Knight I am...Awakened is officially with the typesetters! All glory to God because after I did book 1 I was like how am I going to do this again? It is so stressful! But this time round seems a lot more calm and I just can't wait to hold it. I got a book review for I am yesterday from Pop the butterfly. She said &