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Great Britain - Really? No seriously really?

I feel like having a right ol' rant today about London and how annoying it is at the moment. What happened to the days when guys would let you get on the bus first? (and not just because they're checking you out). Did I miss the message that said, when an empty bus pulls up, push everyone out of the way and if you have a buggy, use it as a weapon and attack everyone's feet! Or as you walk past people, don't leave them personal space just barge them with your arms or bag, which ever's best. Oh and if your kids are screaming down the bus at say 8.30 am, don't feel the need to attempt to quiet them down or at least look embarrassed. Better than sitting there and ignoring your 8 kids because you have perfected the art of tuning them out. I haven't! And this weather!!! I've been travelling from north to south all day and the buses are on a schedule beyond words. I got the strangest looks because I was grooving to my ipod in an attempt to stay warm. I really n