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Hip-Hop does NOT make me angry!!!

This has been a good 2013 so far for my book!!! I got my first royalty cheque, which was very exciting. Had no clue that because it's in dollars had to fill out this long form at the bank to cash it in. On the plus side, the guy at the bank who helped me is a big fantasy fan so he's gonna go buy my book. Result! I had an interview with Female First magazine  which was very fun. I got some very good reviews 4 and 5 Stars! Get in there! So hopefully that will encourage more people to buy! buy! buy! AND the reviewers have been running a give away of the book AND I got more Twitter followers. My mission to get a 1000 likes minimum every month is working, reached 6000 likes this month so by March should get to 7000 at least. So around June, I should be on 10,000 likes minimum. Some of my friends think that 6000 is a lot of likes - not when there are billions of people in the world! But one of the best news is I f