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Regina won't she do it King!

So my friends are trying to get me to join a dating app. There are several reasons why I don't want to do it. 1. I don't have any issues meeting guys but I haven't met the right guy and will they be on Tinder? Meh 2. I feel like I would get caught up talking to different people and will lose track of who's who 3. I don't have space for another app on my phone I am a little bit intrigued about Bumble as I like the fact that the ladies are in charge but everyone I know that has used a dating app, I don't feel like great things have happened for them. Maybe one day when I'm drunk or bored I'll try it and see. Actually maybe not when I'm bored cause that's when I do dumb things. I got to film for Egmont Publishing! How cool right? Hilary who runs their publicity reached out to me and wanted me to do a short video about tips for their authors. Very cool. I feel like every author is part of a members club. I didn't even know there were so