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You know the twins that dance on Beyoncé's tour?

It's been a challenging month. I've been allowing people's opinions to get the better of me and letting their doubt become my doubt. I started having thoughts like 'what if I'm just wasting my life' and feeling unsure of myself but you know what? I allowed myself to have a pity party for myself and now I'm back in the game! No-one is going to make me question my future and what I should be doing. Yeah, I didn't finish uni, so what? I had my reasons for it and I'm STILL doing exactly what I planned to do. Don't get me wrong I'm not against uni but I am against someone trying to tell me that I will never make something of myself because I don't have a degree because from where I am standing, I am starting to make something off myself WITHOUT a degree. I got an official letter sent to my house. I was a bit nervous to open it because it's usually bad news but it was a copyright certificate from USA, Library of Congress for my book! Woo