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Jon Snow's bum is everything great in the world

Check me out with my weekly post :) Let me not get cocky before I go back to blogging monthly So I get Emily Knight I am...Awakened NEXT WEEK!!! I cannot wait to hold it. I can't lie I'm a bit nervous to give it to reviewers. I feel like the first book got so many good reviews and it was such a blessing, so I hope they don't read book 2 and think what is this?? Men. I don't get them. I swear at 29 I still don't understand them. I still don't know who are the ones you should invest your time in, who are playing games. I legit get a headache when I think about them. The experiences that I have had, my friends have had could fill a billion page novel. I do wonder what was God thinking with this man/woman thing. I get pregnancy and all that but man, they are so exhausting. Even as I write this, I have a headache and I'm tired. Then I was talking to my friend about relationships and to be fair, my mindset can be quite masculine, so we were talking about a s

The Birthday Blog: I couldn't remember how to say stop in French so I said 'Stopa' and Zarah almost pissed herself

Have you noticed something different? Those who have followed my blog will see that we have had a make over! Don't we look pretty? Thought it was time to switch it up, especially now that I will be posting weekly. See I say this but let's see if I actually do it ;) I am now 29 years old and do you know what? I don't even feel like my birthday even came. Even on my actual bday, it didn't feel like it. I went to Paris with Zarah for a week and honestly it was one of my best holidays. I had so much fun, we were legit depressed having to come back to London and it was 30 degrees out there. I've been to Paris a few times but this is the first time, I actually walked around (all day) and took my time exploring.  - We saw the Eiffel Tower at night where it sparkled  - Saw the Mona Lisa in the Louvre and she is legit the size of an A4 piece of paper, with glass and ropes surrounding her. We were very much like 'oh, that's Lisa?'  - Went to Cafe Oz an