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The Birthday Blog!

How has a year gone by so quick? Last year I was in Wakanda for my 30th and now I'm 31. I'm trying not to moan too much about it cause every time I say, “Uh! I'm 31!” I get a side eye from people older than me. At least all the kids keep telling me that I look 24. It's what a girl needs to hear! For the first time, I think in years, I was so not excited for my birthday. The weather was on a mad one. It was either crazy hot or raining. What is the point of being born in August if you don't get guaranteed good weather? Luckily I have amazing people who planned the best stuff. Aleta and Alisha started it off first with taking me to this super gorgeous cake place in S. Kensington. The cake was everything! On my actual birthday (6th) Helen and I went to Lille. See we were meant to go to Paris but the price doubled a few days after we decided to go. I had never been to Lille so I didn't mind going. Helen brought a whole feast on the Eurostar including a birthday