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... when I said the horse was a unicorn, the four year olds went, “Nooooooo.”

So I was ill for pretty much the whole of March. I went from having a cold to a sinus infection to an ear infection. Then dragged myself to the docs, where I saw a new and nervous doctor who tried to tell me to ride it out! I very nicely said, “If you think I am leaving here without any antibiotics you have no idea what kind of person I am.” So I am mentally telling myself if this lady tries to not prescribe me anything, I am going to request to see someone else. I think my vibe was very strong as she excused herself to go and ask my family doctor who told her to of course give me antibiotics! I can't swallow pills. Don't ask me why, I just think I will choke so the pharmacist was like, “Err Abiola is all this syrup for you?” I had an amazing school tour for World Book Day and sold so many books. It was also the launch of The Originals book and I read one of the stories to the reception kids. I read one story called 'The Magic Horse' and when I said the horse was a u