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'... u wrote a mutha f***ing book!'

Yes, I am officially a published author with a book that you can buy. To think only in November, I was walking the streets of Manhattan with Chelsea talking about just going for the book even if I had to do it myself and here we are. How insane is that? It doesn't even feel real yet, I think when the launch is over it will sink in much better. I don't know how else to express how I feel so I'll just do this - :D :D :D You can pre-order the book from Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, Foyles, Waterstones, WHSmith etc. It should be officially out by August. If you live in the UK and have liked or follow @emilyknightiam then ur invited to my launch! Check ur events or Direct Messages. Ahh can't wait, there's going to be a DJ and cupcakes...all that red velvet. (I'm grinning like a mad loon). I've also been asked to write a blog entry about my launch party for London Writer's Club! Oh yeah! After my stint on The Apprentice - still shoc