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Princess Kate is a HOTTIE!!

I like everyone else around the world, watched the Royal Wedding and I have to say, it was lovely. Kate looked beautiful and her sister left me speechless. That was the sexiest wedding gear I have ever seen. Saw Harry giving her the eye! My mum got all dressed up in her African watch it from our living room. She is funny. Made me think about weddings and marriage. Marriage kind of freaks me out. I have no idea why. I think it's the whole becoming one that gets me. Oh yeah and the forever bit too but I definitely want a wedding. Buying that dress, would be the best shopping day ever. I haven't been to a wedding and I'm itching to go. I've got all these gorgeous Monsoon dresses to wear so come on guys put a ring on it! Was feeling really low for a few days. I was feeling like I couldn't trust many people which was upsetting but I'm glad that I'm all better now. Positive! And ready to keep aiming for my amazing future! MYSELF did B Supreme woma

It's all a sign girls

Sorry for neglecting you guys I've been so busy with rehearsals but it's worth the wait. Just to be clear in case any dudes are reading this. This blog is not a boy bashing blog. I'm just not feeling the male species at the moment. I've had two guys I've dated. One looked like Marques Houston and the other like Bobby Brown. Which is weird because I'm not attracted to them and now I remember I wasn't physically attracted to the dudes I was with either. (Trust me boys banter will get you far.) So for arguments sake in case someone reads this and says "Hey you're talking about so and so. I can say no I'm talking about Marques and Bobby." But this one is about Bobby. Bobby is this dude I met at a dance open class and we got along really well and he texted me alot. You know he was going for it and we developed a friendship but then he said he liked me more than that. My brain is crazy so in my head Bobby was a serious hottie so you can imagine