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"Well you start with I'm Abiola and I'm amazing."

So I have been teasing you all about my news that I want to share...... I got funding from Virgin StartUP!!!!!!! This is Sir Richard Branson's scheme for young entrepreneurs to start up a business and I got the funding! I couldn't believe it. I was feeling so low when I applied for it and I didn't even think that I would be considered to be honest, so when I kept getting through the rounds, I thought 'oh ok I can get this.' It was a very long process and at times I thought, is this really going to happen but it did and The Author School is officially funded! The Author School is definitely getting out there. The Bookseller seems to like us and they can be hard to please! We are doing our launch party on July 14th in Chelsea, so if you want to RSVP go to   there aren't many tickets left but it will be a great chance to talk to myself and Helen directly. Helen went to The Book Expo in New York last week and she represented Emily ove