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He flipped a prawn into his hat! I mean, come on!

Ok so I have decided that I need to blog at least twice a week. So much happens and when I read past blogs, I'm like  -wait, I didn't mention x, y, z yet? So let's take it back. Belgium was my holiday this summer, with none other then my sister. Now, Lola and I haven't been on holiday together since New York and I think that was when I was about 13 or 14. Lola and I are complete opposites in every single way so I was a bit concerned how this would work out but it was fun! We did get really lost finding the hotel because it took us ages to get out of the shopping centre (the eurostar is at the bottom of the shopping centre), I really needed to pee and I was hungry. On top of that, not one person spoke English! Turns out our hotel was literally opposite this massive shopping centre and it is one of the nicest and coolest hotels I have stayed in. We got there about mid afternoon so we walked to the botanical gardens, which were beautiful. If I decide to get married, I wo