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We call it Bear Day!

I have officially christened the 6th August as Bear Day because it's my birthday! I'm officially 25 now and I feel extremely grown up, even had a talk with my friend about mortgages the other day THAT'S how grown I am. I've been trying to get into more schools on the book days, you know - Roald Dahl Day, Children's Book Week, World Book Day etc but I don't understand schools. You would think they would be gagging for writers to come to their school. I mean when I was at school, the only writer I met was Michael Rosen, who is fab but I never met any other author and I would of loved that. J. K. Rowling is never gonna come to the schools so be happy any writer does! Anyway after time spent sending out emails getting responses like yeah, this sounds good blah blah I'm now going to stop forcing the school thing. I have a website, twitter, fb even an instagram now so if people want me they can holla. And someone did. A radio station called Colourful Radio wan