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2014 - Gosh where to start?

So we've come to the end of another year. It seems to be flying by right? This year has been some amazing highs and low lows. I've had some great opportunities and a lot of situations and people, that are not positive, have gone out of my life and I couldn't be happier. I have never really experienced death before but my Granddad dying was a hard one for the family and then a family friend died as well. Then on top of that a lot of talented people that I looked up to died - Sue Townsend (author), Maya Angelou, Robin Williams, Joan Rivers. I actually had a goal that I would be interviewed by Joan on Fashion Police to play 'Bitch Stole My Look.' I have had a lot of close calls with publishers. Unfortunately I haven't got the deal yet but it seems a lot of people in the industry are starting to know me which is amazing. I even had a publisher come to a reading and say she came just to see me! Also a publisher is interested in Emily as a trilogy. Let's see if I

Growth Is A Beautiful Thing

        This is a different type of blog guys and I wanted to write this because I see so many people that I know that are just stuck in life, taking mediocre over amazing. I'm not really sure why. Maybe it's fear or that their vision isn't big enough, I'm not sure but I really wanted to write an encouraging post if you are someone that is stuck. I have always been a big dreamer. I mean I dream BIG and as I continue to get older, I am surrounded by like minded people and I love it. There is nothing better than being surrounded by big visions. It just pushes you to levels you can't even imagine. I honestly don't understand people who are so limited in their dreams cause it's free to dream! I think my biggest fear in life is that I won't achieve my dreams and that's why I work so hard, so that it never happens. The way social media is right now is that people are constantly talking about what they're doing, where they're going even what t

The Birthday Blog

Hey all! I know it's been ages since I posted but so many things were happening, I figured to wait until August was over and say it all in one go. First of it was my bday. Holla! I turned  26 and went to Amsterdam with my friend, Melissa. We decided to try a cruise ship. I was a bit concerned if we would like it, so we took the deal that wasn't as long but we had so much fun! The food was great, the cinema - watched Maleficent, Rise of the Planet of The Apes and The Fault In Our Stars, we drank in the sky bar. The sleeping arrangements were interesting lool . When I went to look at prices, the best rooms were still available but when I actually booked, we had the basic. It was pretty hilarious walking in and seeing it for the first time! But we made it work and when you sleep you can feel the waves underneath. The first night, Mel and I were like 'what the hell?' It took us a good while to get used to it. On my actual birthday, Melissa had put balloons and streame

Let's just say the boos were true!

I wrote and posted a blog and something must have gone wrong because it says it doesn't exist! Oh dear Had the best time at the Literally PR Media Party in Chelsea. I was so nervous because I had to give a speech but it amazingly came out good! Met some fab people and made great contacts. All night I was looking out for Bloomsbury Publishing and when I was talking to this journalist, Aleta was talking to Bloomsbury! During the 2nd round of speeches, Aleta was waving around this piece of paper, giggling like a loon and giving me these mysterious looks. I thought she was just drunk! Turns out Bloomsbury came to my table and asked for more details and she got an email address for the senior editor! Slam dunk!!! It's so interesting that I keep bumping into HarperCollins and Bloomsbury Publishing, it feels like I get so close and yet not quite there but I have good feeling about this. Something fab is going to happen soon. During my speech, I mentioned 'Rose' and every

I'm Back In The Game People!

We lost another great person. Maya Angelou. Her words will forever live on and continue to inspire people. It's going to be so awesome seeing who God raises up to be the greats of this generation. Ever feel like you are being pulled in a million different directions? That's where I am right now but it's a good place to be in as long as I can manage it better. I was reading over my past blogs and it's so interesting to see how far I've come. I started this blog as a way to gain confidence in my writing before I released a book and I'm so glad I carried it on as I can see my growth. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my blogs. So I have had the most epic idea for Emily. See right now I'm waiting on the phone call that tells me I have a publishing deal and the first book is already out in the world, so I've been thinking about what can I do in the mean time to still engage with my readers, write but not have to self-publish a book. I am no

' I'm on my Worst Behaviour'

One word. Drake. He is amazing!! I wasn't expecting him to be amazing but he was bloody amazing!! Wasn't really looking forward to him but OMG he can shut it down. His energy on stage, from beginning to end and I swear he sang every song he has ever done.  It felt like the best party you would ever go to. I don't even fancy Drake but when he brought a girl on stage from the audience, I felt very possessive of him. Chelsea looked like she was going to explode. It was so hilarious.  I actually don't know what I would do if I was called on to the stage. I don't get embarrassed easily but for Drake..... Jhene Aiko came out and she sang very well, was a shame Rihanna didn't come out. Wanted my 3 for 1 ticket. Our seats were amaze balls. Chelsea did good. There were 3 boys a few rows in front of us. They looked so young maybe 17 ish and they were drinking like crazy. This song comes on, maybe it was Big Sean and there's a lot of the N word. One of the boys start

Say heeeeeeeey Mrs Carter

Beyonce. Tuesday Night. Flawless. The Mrs Carter World Tour was amaze balls! The amount of energy that lady has is incredible. There is something about Beyonce that makes you feel empowered to be a female. I honestly believe part of her calling is to make women be proud to be women. The joke is I don't even know what she does that makes females feel like that, maybe it's just her inner confidence. And when Jay Z came to join her on stage for 'Drunk In Love' it was extremely cute. It didn't even matter that Aleta and I tried to jump seats twice and got kicked out of them or that I tried to get other seats by complaining to customer service that I was afraid of heights (they didn't care) because when she started singing...Wow. She is probably the only singer in the world, who sings better live than on a record. Hearing her on a CD doesn't do her voice any justice. The amount of people that fainted and were being escorted out. To faint for another human....the


Happy Monday guys! Good day so far. I won £20 for creating the best collage of pictures from work AND my big plan to surprise someone worked out amazingly. A* to me! A few blogs ago I mentioned meeting publishers but I didn't go into detail...well when I was working at a bar, it was closing time and there were 2 people left at a table. I was talking to one of the regulars about my book and the 2 people were listening. They asked me if I was a writer and I said yes. They said they worked in publishing. I asked for who and they said....wait for it....HARPER FLIPPING COLLINS! So obviously cleaning up wasn't important anymore and I spent about 30 min talking to them about my book and they were lovely. We swapped email addresses and they told me to get my agent to contact their head of children's department. I did think that they wouldn't remember me the next day but they did and my agent got in touch. Turns out the head of kids was leaving for a holiday before Christmas,

'...apparently BARBIE DOLLS cause insecurity'

I am so close to a book deal that it's painful. Happy New Year my lovelies. I'm so excited to see what fab stuff happens this year. I actually got to a party on NYE - shocking. No Project X party but it was still a fun house party but driving home at 4am, with my eyes barely open ain't fun. I have been working in a theatre bar for the past 6 months. I don't like or dislike it but it pays so who cares. Anyway, first day of 2014, positive energy and the boss lady tries to ruin my new year. Cutting my hours, giving attitude and as I was attempting to talk to her and diffuse an argument, which she was aiming for, I just thought, who cares? Like I said, it's a job I don't like or dislike, I was always planning to leave in New Year and this lady is actually trying to piss me off on the first day of the year. So I walked out. It felt amazing! Do you remember the times when being skinny and lean was the 'look' and now it's all about big bums and boobs