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...yet the Kylie Jenner lip challenge is trending!!

This is my 50th blog!! Who would have guessed I would have so much to say? I went to The London Book Fair 2015. Now, I haven't been to LBF for I think 2 years so I wasn't really looking forward to it because the last time I went I just found everyone so rude but this year was amazing!! I had the best time.The first thing I saw was Harper Collins taking over half the fair. I had such a strong desire to go over there and ask them why no-one has said yes or no to my book, but somehow I was able to control myself. Next, I saw The Mad Hatters Tea Party. Who could not be happy after seeing all this cake? I was trying to give out flyers about The Author School on the sly but I kept getting caught. There was this area called Author HQ where all the speakers were but when they started to speak about PR it was packed out. Which is frustrating because The Author School can help them with that and I couldn't give them a bloody flyer! The great news is when I did speak to p