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Guess who I saw walking down Covent Garden?? Only Ben flipping Affleck!

Birthday month is coming to an end *crying* although I still have one last present on Monday. Yay! I had the best birthday and it was full of so many surprises. I saw Finding Dory, which gave me sad and happy tears. One minute I was busting up and the next I'm breaking down and crying,'Where's her family???' I got free drinks at Byron, free cake at Brew Box, then dinner at Absurd Bird. It's the best food I've ever had in London. The next day, I had a party and got a surprise cake and gifts and it was just so overwhelming.  Had lunch at Blue's Kitchen, went Bournemouth Beach (and caught loads of Pokemon OMG). We played volleyball and we were pretty awful. Like really awful but it was a gorgeous day, got a crazy tan and put my big toe in the water. I've had a blast of a birthday and have been surrounded by the best people. Roberta has officially ended. This is my third pop up story and I'm so proud that I wrote it. It's funny because I wa