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...but BRAN?!

Summer is almost here! This means that I am almost 31. Damn it. I don't know why this decade seems to give me a bit of anxiety. I feel like it's all about having the career, the husband, the kids. I've got the career part down so trying to look on the bright side but still—it doesn't take away from the pressure. That Bank Holiday weekend was defo needed! I binge watched What If on Netflix and loved it! Then on Monday, me and Ebru drove to Stevenage. We almost took a wrong turn and was able to get in the right lane—bare in mind that Ebru said thanks to the driver who stopped for us. He then raced up the motorway so he was beside us and looked at us and I smiled. He then came up on the other side and when we looked over he gave us the finger! Lool we were so confused! The bbq was awesome. I ate and drank so much, I thought I was going to burst. The cocktails didn't taste that strong so I just kept drinking. When I was going to sleep I literally thought I was going