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2012 = A Legendary Year!!!

So today is the last day of the best year I have ever had. Honestly, I was told by my Pastor that this year would be like Days of Heaven on Earth and it really was. Just a few of my highlights  - Releasing my first ever book, Emily Knight I AM - Going to the Brit Writers Awards 2012 - All the amazing interviews I got to do for my book with BBC 1XTRA, Brit Writers etc and the recommended reads my book got as well as the free advertising! Cheers!  - Having a launch party  - Passing my driving test and getting a car for Christmas  - Being promoted at work  - Becoming a blogger for Brit Writers  - Going to the Olympics  - Booking Stratford Circus to host Myself's show Icon in March 2013  - Performing at Breakin' Convention for the 2nd time  - Filming Street Dance All Stars The Movie and filming BBC 1's The Apprentice Woo it has been a great year for me and for the people I care about and I am so ready to see 2013!!! My obsession with Taylor Lautner has slightly