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I start eating the pizza cause I feel like I lost weight walking them twenty minutes

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone is having a great start to the year. I'm part of the team that is not having the best start. You know when the year starts and you're pumped up with good vibes, and you have this new year, new me attitude? I tried guys, but it's been testing so far. I just feel exhausted. I think last term was way too much. I took on loads of work and I was done with life. Christmas break needed to be at least three months, it went way too quick and I am still not ready to get back on the grind. First week in the new year and some of my contracts came back telling me, “We're not sure if we can re-start the session.” Great bloody start to the year. I decided not to freak out and just let God do what he does best. Thankfully, it worked out and I feel more balanced with the work load, but the hustle of being self employed is so real. I really didn't pick an easy life. On the plus side, I officially have cover art for the re-branding of Emily Knight